gigi takes the cake.

it is no secret.
i have a tremendously large sweet tooth.
morning. noon. or night. 
i am always up for the delight & indulgence of a sweet treat.

you name it. if it is sweet. i am all over it.
my lovie shakes his head at me on a nightly basis.
when i am well beyond a comfortable-full post dinner,
but still ask him in an excited little voice
do we need a treat, lovie? what is for our dessert, lovie?

i happen to believe that a night is never complete without dessert.
and many of nights a cupcake has been my dessert of choice.

i tasted many delicious little cupcakes in new york city.
and i certainly have friends who have mastered the art of a cute cupcake.
but none holds a candle to miss gigi's cupcakes.

you may remember gigi's cupcakes from this wedding shower i hosted a few weeks ago.
yep, those stunningly beautiful rose tinted cupcakes with golden flakes.
those little beauties were all the labor of love of gigi's cupcakes.

since day one, i have always loved gigi's cupcakes.
but after speaking with the beautiful woman, gigi herself,
i have such a huge admiration and appreciation for her.
her ambitious goals. her strong perseverance. 
and her unwavering faith in the Lord. 
she is the very essence of a proverbs 31 woman.

i had the pleasure of chatting with gigi the other afternoon.
and i felt like we were old friends.
sharing baking secrets. sharing our love for the Lord. and sharing laughs.
gigi was so gracious to share her time with me, so i wanted to share with you,
my friends, some of her sweet words & thoughts.

here it is. a glimpse into the heart and soul behind gigi's cupcakes.

i make time at night. after i put my kids to bed. to read the Bible.
i am currently reading the book boundaries
and psalm 57 is my favorite of them all.
"god can take a broken life, a failure, and turn it into something beautiful."
for me, that was cupcakes.
i was spiritually led into this.
the Lord used my brokenness. 

when my aspirations to become a singer didn't work out.
i started a house cleaning business.
and then i started a cupcake business.
i would clean all day. and then i would bake 12 dozen cupcakes a night.
i melded old family recipes. i melded until i perfected the cupcake.

my favorite of all the gigi's cupcakes is the hunka chunka banana love.
and on march 21 the new spring/summer menu comes out.
the new chocolate chip cookie dough cupcake is amazing. 

one tip for all the bakers out there.
always listen to your taste buds. 
you do not have to be so strict about going by the recipe card.
if you think it needs more salt, add salt.
if it needs more sugar, add sugar.

to collaborate with martha stewart or paula deen would be a dream come true.

well, gigi. 
chatting with you was our dream come true.
we happen to think you are quite wonderful. in more ways then one.

after getting the scoop from gigi i scooted on over to the 
gigi's cupcake shop in tampa for a private tasting.
oh. my. goodness. sugar. high.
{this was, in fact, my dinner for the night. best dinner ever}

i tasted six or seven different flavored cakes.
and six or seven different flavored frostings. 

there was wedding cake. english toffee cake. lemon cake. 
margarita cake. chocolate cake. texas chocolate cake.
and buttercream frosting. banana frosting. cream cheese frosting.
raspberry buttercream frosting. bourbon cream cheese frosting. 
tiramisu frosting. chocolate frosting. just to name a few.
each bite was better than the last.
and as i piled double the frosting to cake, i was quite thrilled. 

while chatting with sweet, adorable, manager megan, 
she gave me the ins and outs to what makes gigi's cupcakes simply the best.

each cupcake is baked that very day and quality tested.
every. single. cupcake. 
this ensures that you will be biting into the most delectable cupcake imaginable. 
the cake itself is so good that no frosting is even necessary.
{but really, who says no to frosting?}

megan's fave cupcake is the english toffee.
which she describes as being "consistently exciting in each bite."
i love that.

now let's get to the frosting.
that sky-high-finger-lickin-delicious frosting.
always fresh. always whipped to perfection. always beautifully displayed.
many thanks to jessica, baker extraordinaire, for the outrageously adorable cupcakes
that girl can whip out enough cupcakes a day to make you dizzy.
oh, and the frosting is all made with fresh fruits. never any added flavors. 
so, that makes it healthy, right? counts as a serving of fruits?

are you just dying for a cupcake now?
luckily, gigi's has 58 locations.
check out the website to find a location near you.
and to read more about gigi the great.

friends, it goes without saying.
gigi's cupcakes is just the sweetest place around town.
sweet treats. and even sweeter people.

gigi & friends. you take the cake. 
thank you for letting me share in the sweetness of your everyday.


  1. We met her at the Sea Grapes Festival last year. You're right! Her cupcakes are to DIE for! And she is a sweet heart. Glad you also fell in love :)

    1. what is the sea grapes festival? where is it? how fun!!! xo

  2. I LOVE gigi's! Haven't had the pleasure of meeting her...but mmm..her cupcakes are the best I've ever had.

  3. We LOVE our Gigi's in Dallas! I am a butterscotch fiend, Bert is a Wedding Cake devotee. Beautiful post, now that I know the woman behind the delight, I love her!

    1. robin. how fun that you have a shop near you. bert is a man after my own heart. i love, love, love the wedding cake cupcake. so yummy.

  4. This is totally cool! We do have a Gigi's in our town, surprisingly!!!! Can't wait to go again after reading this!

    1. absolutely go again. the new menu comes out this month :)

  5. I love the professional photos and the beautiful article, thank you for coming over and we must have you and your(photo journalist) again, we loved it!!! This article is perfect!


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