you may recall that one of my new goals
is to blossom into a little garden gal.
i get much inspiration from one of my dear friends, debbie, & her fab garden.
{read more about the little miss garden goddess here}

i took my first little baby step & potted some pretties for the front steps.
i know, i know. this is so simple. anyone can do it.
but i wanted to gain some confidence before i 
hit the ground running planting.

so, i visited my most fave little garden shop, bloom, to pick out my goods.
i decided that a monochromatic yellow assortment would be perfect.
it would pop against our black & white bungalow of a home.
and not to mention, yellow is the it color right now.

i picked out several different variations of ivy.
i love the combo of green hues & leaf shapes.

picked a few begonias & marigolds.

along with some bright, vibrant snapdragons.

dad gave me some old pots. and he gave me the really good ones with lots of love & age.
i got my gloves on. oh, and a cute yellow gardening outfit.
and got to work potting my new little plants.

i always love working with the number three.
so three pots is was. 
{can you overcrowd a pot?!}

don't the snapdragons look glorious next to that ivy?

and i just adore the sweet baby petals of a begonia bud.

this was a quick and easy little project that has brought much happiness to our little home.
i just love driving home everyday and pulling up to this view.

i can hardly wait to get my hands dirty tomorrow.
i have two studly men that have promised to help me build a raised herb garden.
 start a few veggies. and plant my very first rose bush. 

a happy, happy home.

{oh, and please excuse the dirty, dirty awnings. 
the pollen has taken a huge toll on my at-one-time-white stripes. 
i am counting down the minutes till spring cleaning week in t minus 9 days}

so, i need some tips from all my gardener girls out there.
what veggies, flowers, herbs are your fave to grow?

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  1. Thats awesome! Im excited for u and your garden! I grow herbs. Basil is one of my faves! It easy to grow, all it likes is sun and water. Also growing cilantro,parsley and dill. Those are just babies, but they are growing fast. I am also a proud owner of a avocado tree. Planted a seed and it grew into a little tree.


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