a tall tale.

i often dream of wearing sky-high, tall shoes.
you see, all the really cute & flirty shoes are tall. 
for example, wedges. 
they are impossibly tall.
and all the sexy shoes. they are tall, too.
let's just be honest, most men don't gravitate to a girl in kitten heels. 

being a few inches above average,
ok, fine. 
being really above average at a staggering 5'10
has always put a damper on my love for shoe shopping.
sure, i could wear the tall heels.
i just do not like to feel that tall.

my sweet & loving hubby wouldn't mind at all. not one bit.
whatever makes you happy, krissiebear.
but i just can't bring myself to wear them. 

so, when i laid eyes on these kate spade beauties
my heart about broke into a million tiny pieces.
they are so me. they belong with me.

don't you agree?!
black. white. & gold. perfection.
if i were ever to be a shoe, i would surely be one of these.

so, friends, someone do me a favor.
somebody buy a pair of these tall pretties.
i would love to know what it is like to walk a mile in your shoes.



  1. Replies
    1. alycia. are they not the cutest? i so badly want them!

      love that you stopped by c'est si bon. do hope you will come back again. your blog is super cute. new daily read for sure.


  2. Kristin, I couldn't have said it better myself! At 5'11" I completely agree! These shoes are fantastic! I'd love to adorn myself with them, but I have no interest in being 6'4".


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