hatch collection.

who says that being preggo has to put a damper on your style?!
the hatch collection proves that any gal can rock her belly bump in great fashions.

i have a confession.
i had a little bit of a pity party this weekend.
in the fitting room of kate spade.
while my mom tried on darling clothes.
that i no longer can fit in. 

you see. 
i didn't really start to pop until these last few weeks.
and now all of a sudden. i am quickly running out of clothes to wear.
& when this girl doesn't look put together. she doesn't feel put together.
thats just how it works for me.
if i have a cute outfit on. with hair & makeup done. i feel so alive.
so. the last few weeks. i have looked so frumpy.
and who wants to look frumpy?

i was kind of stumped. 
i don't want to spend a ton of money on maternity wear.
because i don't often time think it is that cute.
plus. i will not be wearing it for very much longer.
but at the same time. i want to feel cute & look cute.
what's a rapidly growing girl to do?

hello, hatch collection! 

the be all & all of maternity fashions.
so chic. so effortless. so comfy. so perfect.

i mean. really?!
how stinkin cute.
totally an outfit i would wear.

chic to boot.
i adore this neutral palette top & ballet flat.
& it doesn't get much better than monochromatic black.
how great are those black pants?!

i am seriously coveting this baby blue jumper.
oh. my. goodness. 
i could list 1,000 reasons why i adore this.
& the peach dress ain't too shabby either.
so darling for these coming springtime months.

just classic.
resort wear at its finest.

i am totally & utterly inspired to look this darling as a mommy-to-be.
& here is the best part. these clothes are great post-baby wears too. 
thank you. thank you. thank you. hatch collection.
you have reignited the fashion bug in this expecting girl.

{images courtesy of hatch collection}

a whale of a sale.

alright my little shopper friends.
all you lovers of looking for treasures. all you who go gaga over garage sales.
all you seekers of stellar sales & super steals.
this is especially for you! 

the legendary. celebrated. & ever-so-popular.
st. petersburg junior league whale of a sale is back.
& it is this coming weekend! 

just imagine. the largest & most wonderful rummage sale ever.
with everything you could ever dream up of wanting right there at your finger tips.
clothes. books. home decor. furniture. jewelry. gifts. etc. 
and guess what?! you are totally invited to join in on this huge treasure hunt!
entry is free. of. charge. so you have plenty of dollars to shop with.

so mark your calendars. & grab all your friends. 
this saturday. february 23. from 8 till 3. 
a whale of a sale that you won't want to miss.

but here is the kicker.
the night before. on friday. february 22. there is sip & sea preview party.
it is at this party that you will get first dibs on all the sale items.
a little sneak peak on all the goods. yippee!
all the while enjoying some bevs & snacks to kick off the big event.
tickets are for sale at www.jlstpete.org 

oh. but wait. i have an exciting little surprise.
one lucky c'est si bon reader will get a free ticket to the sip & sea preview party.
yep. you heard me right. 
free ticket giveaway. right here. right now. 

complete the following steps to be entered in this great giveaway.
1. share the link to this post on your facebook page.
2. leave a comment sharing your best ever rummage sale/ garage sale find. 

winner will be announced on thursday night.
so. what are you waiting for?!
hurry up & enter.
time is a'tickin. 

for all the event details. visit the whale of a sale facebook page.

hope you are all aboard for this fun little event.
come on out & support the st. petersburg junior league.

happy valentine's day.

i hope your day was sweeter than sweet.
my day was filled with lots of love & beaucoup kisses. 
oh. and cupcakes that were even more delicious than they look! 

happy. happy. happy. valentine's day to all of you! 

pink + red

loving a punchy pink & red mix these days.
its just so impossibly sweet.
the perfect color palette for this week of love.

whether its color blocking your garb.
nibbling on a sweet treat.
or smelling the poppiest flowers.
pink + red is just so very lovely. 

doesn't it just make your heart swell with happiness?! 
love. love. love. this color combination.
are you bold enough to don it?! 

{images courtesy of my pinterest page. gap. kate spade. & unknown}
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