hush. little baby.

as i was rocking baby patch to sleep tonight.
i couldn't help but think about how much i deeply cherish those sleepy moments.
our night time routine surely might be my fave of all our time together.
it is just so tender. so affectionate. & so bonding.

i love that every night we rock together.
his warm.chubby.snuggly.little body snuggled up to mine.
listening to our most treasured bedtime songs.
i sing along in a whisper. while his eyelids get heavier with every blink.
until he is fast asleep in my arms.

i know. i know.
you should never let the babe fall asleep in your arms.
that is against all the rules . . .
but i just can't help it. how can you possibly resist that precious snuggle time?!

it all started because my sweet boy has terrible acid reflux. 
the doctor said that i must hold him upright for 20 minutes after he eats.
so . . . it was kind of a necessity. 
& that has evolved into one of my fave doctor must do's.

i'm not quite sure when i will ever give it up.
and if i am being perfectly honest with you  . . .
many nights i stay in the rocking chair for a good while 
after the required 20 minutes.
just rocking. singing. praying. adoring.
there is just something so emotionally moving & so utterly satisfying 
about those precious slumbering moments.

i want to share my all time most treasured bedtime songs with you.
we listen to them every night during our bedtime routine 
& often times at naptime. too.
i know a lot of you are new mommys. or about to be new mommys.
& i just know that you will adore these lullabies as much as i do.

so here it is.
the most tender. most loving. most perfect sleepy time music.

baby mine by alison krauss
all the pretty little horses by becky jean williams
goodnight my angel by haley gibby
when you wish upon a star by libbie linton
baby mine by amy gileadi
slumber my darling by marcus bently
brahms lullaby by mikel azpiroz and scott wiley
golden slumbers by mindy gledhill
stay awake by mindy gledhill
edelweiss by paul jacobson
my darling by ryan tanner
twinkle twinkle little star by scott johnson and scott wiley
brahms lullaby by celine dion
be thou my vision by katy kinard
great is thy faithfulness by katy kinard
come thou fount of every blessing by katy kinard
how deep the father's love for us by katy kinard
fairest lord jesus by katy kinard
in the garden by katy kinard
the love of god by katy kinard
pass me not o gentle savior by katy kinard
tis so sweet to trust in jesus by katy kinard
i need thee by katy kinard
all through the night by nick lachey

i just love knowing that my sweet baby boy will grow up 
knowing hymns & sweet songs of love.
what an absolute gift.

amazing giveaway.

oh. my. goodness.
this might be the best giveaway i have ever heard been a part of.
you will not want to miss out on this FANtastic opportunity.

are you a nikon girl? or a canon girl?
i personally love. love. love my nikon camera.
but i know that both cameras are amazing.
and now you have a chance to win one of your choosing.
unreal. right?!

check out our collaborative giveaway going on over at birdie baby boutique.
i am so tickled to be a {small} part of this great giveaway.
an absolute honor to be included in the list of over.the.moon. talented gals.

enter today.
you will be so grateful you did.
if for no other reason than to be introduced 
to such creative & inspiring entrepreneurs.

good luck!

rainy days.

patch & i decided we needed a little sunshine 
to brighten up this rainy florida day.
so we spent our afternoon in our bright yellow sunny clothes.
& wasted the hours away giggling.
{read: patch giggled. mommy made silly noises to encourage those giggles}

we laughed & laughed & laughed . . .
till we cried.
and then it was naptime.
rainy days. i love thee.

newest scripture books.

i am just thrilled to show you the latest styles of scripture books.
they may be my all time fave to date.
they are elegant. they are beautiful. they are just lovely.
{in my humble opinion. of course}

. . . i surely hope that you agree!

first. the merry & bright christmas scripture book.
this makes for a great christmas gift.
{you can chose the theme of scriptures: love, encouragement, life verses, etc}

second. the classic & chic checked scripture book.
this may be used for any reason at all.
encouragement. friendship. birthday. love. whatever you fancy.

the same is true for our third scripture book.
a very frenchie feel. black & white & tan.
a great coffee table book.

fourth. the good as gold scripture book.
perfect for a wedding or engagement gift.

fifth. the basic neutral book.
i love this one because it is gender neutral.
the perfect gift a mommy-to-be that is not finding out boy or girl.
it is also a great choice for any occasion. 
a sweet just because gift. or thank you gift.

our sixth book is fantastic.
if you are looking for the perfect teacher gift . . .  look no further.
this darling apple covered book is so sweet.
perfect for teacher christmas gifts. teacher birthday gifts. & teacher appreciation gifts.

last but certainly not least.
our holly berry merry christmas book.
a sweet way to wish family & friends a happy holiday season.

each book is 45 dollars.
the turn around time is about 3-4 days.
then depending on where you live . . . shipping days.
order yours today from my etsy shop.
these new items will be listed by the end of tonight.

tell me. 
which is your new fave?
do you have any great ideas for other scripture books?

a fall spice cake.

i just love all the spices that aromatically sprinkle the fall season.
cinnamon. nutmeg. pumpkin pie spice. apple pie spice.

there is such comfort in all of those scents.
they just make me want to curl up on the couch 
with a blanket. a cup of hot tea. my lovie. & my baby bundle.
all while the house is filling with fall spices baking in the oven.

that is exactly what our afternoon looked like.

well. kind of . . .

while lovie watched football. and our little bundle took his afternoon nap.
this mama whipped up one of her fave fall treats.
and then snuggled up on the couch & pretended to watch football.
i will do anything to impress my lovie.
{it was only enjoyable because i had this beauty of a fall spice cake wafting in the air}

so i can hardly wait to share this spice cake with you.
it will quickly become a go-to in your collection of recipes.
it surely has been my go-to for nearly ten years.
{oh my goodness. have i been baking for that long? that makes me feel old}

i do have to admit.
i am a bit embarrassed to tell you.
this cake does. in fact. come from . . . eeeeeeek . . . a box mix.
there. i said it. its true.
pretty please don't judge me.
after you try this cake. you will be thanking me.
i promise. cross my heart. you will thank me.
not only because it is divine & scrumptious.
but because it is so impossibly easy to whip together.

so. here it goes.

one box yellow cake mix
{i whispered that to you. so that nobody else can hear}
one box of instant vanilla pudding mix
3/4 cup water
3/4 cup canola oil
4 eggs
1/4 cup white sugar
1/4 cup packed brown sugar
2 teaspoons of cinnamon
1/2 cup of white wine
{it can be any white wine. cheap wine is just fine}

mix all of these ingredients together for about 4-5 minutes.

finely chop 1/2 cup of pecans.
sprinkle those into the bottom of a greased & floured bundt pan.
pour the batter into the pan. 
& then bake it for one hour at 325 degrees.

while the cake is baking. prepare the glaze.
oh. the glaze. how i love thee.
this glaze makes the cake incredibly delicious.
do not skip this step. trust me. you will love the glaze.

melt one stick of butter.
combine the melted butter with one cup of sugar & 1/4 cup water.
let this mixture boil for 3 minutes. stirring the entire time.
remove from the heat & add in 1/4 cup of white wine.
stir again. set aside.

when the cake is done baking.
poke a ton of little holes into the top.
{i use a wooden skewer}
then pour half of the glaze all over.
i mean. like drench it. drench it good.
the holes will allow the glaze to soak into the cake.
making it so amazingly moist.

after the cake has cooled completely you may take it out of the pan.
pour the remainder of the glaze onto the new topside of the cake.
cut. serve. & enjoy.

{try not to go back for seconds. i double dare you}

alright little lovelies. get your recipe cards ready . . .
your friends will certainly be asking for this recipe after you bake it for them.

{healthy} chocolate chip oat bars.

ok. so. i have to be honest.
i am not sure these are really healthy healthy.
but the recipe does not call for butter.
& in my book . . . that means it is kinda healthy.
we will just go with it.

these hearty chocolate chip oat bars will knock your socks off.
for being so simple to make. so quick to bake. and so few ingredients.
they really are out of this world. 

even the most amateur of all bakers can bake these babies.
and you will most certainly be thankful that you did. 

here it goes . . .

in a mixer. mix the following.
2   1/2 cups old fashioned oats
1   1/2 cup dark chocolate pieces
2 cups flour
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup coconut oil
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
1   1/2 tablespoon vanilla
2 eggs

the dough will seem oily. and that is a good thing.
place the dough in a 9 x 13 greased pan.
bake at 350 for about 20-25 minutes
allow the bars to cool for 15-20 minutes.
slice. serve. and enjoy.

these are ridiculously gooey. chewy. and filling.
yum to the tenth power.

healthy. right?!

our daily workout routine.

being three months old can be tough work.
patch spends most of his days doing 
tummy time {ugh} stretches {ouchie} & exercises {phew} 
our poor babe has torticollis in his little neck.

simply put. 
patch has a tightened muscle on one side of his neck.
most likely from his positioning in mommy's belly.
this causes him to favor turning his head one way. weakening the other side.
thankfully. with a few months of physical therapy & some extra work at home
sweet baby patch will be super strong in no time.

so every day. multiple times a day. we do baby sit ups.

and spend lots of time laying on our left side.
{patch's tight muscle is on the left side of his neck. so it is hard for him to look left}

we practice reaching for things.

and use our most fave. can't live without. wee gallery art cards for tracking.

these wee gallery art cards are truly amazing.
you would not believe how intrigued patch is with these little guys.
it is the easiest way for us to get him to turn his head all the way to the left.

he will not take his sweet little peepers off these critters.

we talk to our friends. 
{who always come to say hi on the left side}

and we stretch as best as we can.
it really hurts poor baby boy.

bless him.

we go back to our left side laying for a few minutes of rest.

then we practice rolling from our side to our back. and our back to our side.
all in preparation for . . .

tummy time! 
look at how strong he is getting. yahoo!

we look to the left. and we look to the right. 

he works so hard he tuckers himself out.

and is in need of some serious tender love and care.
{which mommy is totally ok with}

so we cozy up on the couch & do a few more neck turns.
this is patch's little exercise routine cool down.

and he even gives smiles after a good strong workout.

but those smiles are short lived. because this boy is whipped.
time to snuggle up in his swing for a nice long nap.

but not before mommy sneaks in a few smooches.
those cheeks are just too kissable. 

being three months old can surely be tough work.
training to hold his head. and turn his neck. and sit up is hard stuff.
but we can't wait to see how strong our boy is when he is four months.

{i like to think that this counts as my daily workout routine. too. wishful thinking}

new scripture books.

i am just overwhelmed 
with the tremendous support i have gotten on my
c'est si bon scripture books.
you all are so sweet to be so encouraging.
the books have been flying off the shelves & that makes me so happy.
{ and surely keeps me busy }

i have been working on a few new designs.
and wanted to share them with you.

first. a wonderfully white wedding book.

this book is so elegant.

i adore the brooch on the cross.
it is so pretty.

the paper is absolutely beautiful.
the understated & subtle stripe is just to die for.
i am truly loving this book for a new bride or a bride-to-be.

second. a beachy chic any occasion book.

this may or may not be my fave book so far.
it is just so lovely.
i adore the color combo. 

this book belongs on my living room coffee table.

the double shell embellishment is gorgeous.
it resembles a rustic mother of pearl.
love. love. love.

third. the stunning silver love book.

this book is great for many different occasions that celebrate love.
engagements. weddings. showers. anniversaries. and the like.

the paper is stunning. & the heart embellishment is perfect.

the perfect reminder to treasure every moment.

fourth. the monogrammed little missy book.

an updated version of the baby girl book.
i just think the monogram is the finishing detail.
it knocks this book outta the park.
so stinkin cute.

how darling is it?!

this book is also available in a little boy version.
blue & white striped paper.
white polka dot & burlap ribbon.
white cross with kraft paper monogram.
it is equally as cute & all boy.

hope you love these new designs as much as i do.
these new books will be going on etsy this afternoon. 
be sure to place your order soon . . .
the babies are going out faster than you would even imagine!

good is so good. love that He is blessing this little ministry.
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