inchbug love.

are you a label lover like i am?

i get such joy out of neatly labeling all of my kiddos belongings.
sippy cups. bottles. shoes. snack packs. tote bags. 
you name it. it is labeled.

not only is labeling functional. 
after all. epic meltdowns have been spurred from a misplaced sippy cup.
and lord knows that every two year old needs to stake their claim on their snacks. 

but it is also super cute. 
that is. when you find super darling labels
like those from inch bug.

i am especially loving their line of non-adhesive reusable orbit labels. 
they are personalized. they stretch to fit your kiddos ever-changing cups. 
they are dishwasher safe. they will never peel or fade.
and they are just too stinkin cute.

from bottles. to sippy cups. to snack containers. 
they fit them all. 
they are just brilliant. 

inch bug has also created an assortment of adhesive labels
that are cute to boot and totally essential.  

with the rise in kiddo allergies. 
the fear of your child getting his paws on something he shouldn't 
can be crippling for a mama as she is sending her baby out of her care. 

these adhesive allergy labels are perfect.
they are great to go on lunch boxes. snack packs. 
or even to be worn on your kiddos shirt. 

a great alert & reminder for teachers or caretakers. 

oh. how wonderful are these shoe labels. 
a lost little shoe can be just as sad as a lost sippy cup. 
{maybe more so for the mama than for the kiddo}

these little shoe labels are darling. 
an added bonus is that they help to teach your kiddo
the difference between left & right
and how to put shoes on the correct little footie. 

i am just loving all of my labels. 
and thankful to inchbug for making my life 
a tiny bit easier & more organized. 

inch bug has another product that i cannot say enough great things about.
please let me introduce you to the MyDrinky sippy cup.

this. is. genius. 

are you tired of cleaning up spilled juice pouches from 
little fingers that squeeze too tightly?
if so. this is the answer to your prayers. 

this squeeze protector fit all sizes of juice boxes & juice pouches.
with adjustable height settings. you can truly make it work with any drink pouch.

the MyDrinky makes it impossible for your kiddos to squeeze the drink pouch. 
how glorious is that?! 

are you just chomping at the bit to go fill your cart at inch bug?
not so fast mamas. 
today is your lucky day. 

inchbug is offering a fabulous gift basket giveaway for one lucky reader.
you have a shot at winning . . .

your own set of personalized orbit labels. 
plus your own set of personalized adhesive labels.
plus your very own MyDrinky drink box holder. 

that is a fantastic giveaway.

to enter the giveaway simply follow these three steps.
like inchbug on Facebook.
share this post on your facebook wall.
& tag three mommy friends in your post.

this would make a great birthday gift. shower gift. 
or just a gift to yourself! 

giveaway ends on october 29th.

good luck! 

{c'est si bon was not compensated for this post. i was given  product to review. all opinions are my own}

purposeful time.

one of my biggest adjustments in becoming a mom
has been learning time management.

i have never been super stellar at time management.
& honestly. its mostly because i never really had to be. 

when you are single or a newlywed. time management can be flexible. 
aside from your job. you are pretty much footloose & fancy free. 

you can eat when you want. work out when you want. 
socialize when you want. nap when you want. 
cook when you want. swim when you want. 
watch the oprah show when you want. shop when you want. 
do absolutely nothing when you want. 

you are basically living on your own preferred time table.

all of that changes when you become a mom. 

suddenly. your time is now revolved around these precious little babies.
your sleeping. your eating. your cleaning. your exercising. 
even your daily shower time can be dictated by your babies. 

the first two months of having two babies
i often felt as if i had no free minutes for just myself.

i felt as if i was constantly being pulled in three different directions. 
and i most certainly was. 

i was trying to clean while i played with patrick. i was trying to cook while i fed pierce. 
i was trying to play on pinterest while i had conversation with my lovie.
everything i did was multitasked. 
resulting in divided attention & diminished success. 

my quiet times with the lord took a backseat to catching up on sleep.
my playtime with patrick was lacking in quality and attention.
evening time with my lovie was taken over with wanting of few moments for myself. 

thats when i realized the value of time management. 
purposeful time management. 

i realized that i would gain so much more fulfillment in my life
if i were giving 100% to each of my roles. my chores. my jobs. my luxuries. 

at this point in my life. my faith & my family are my top priorities. 
while my social life may sometimes suffer. 
& my community involvement may take a backseat. 

i know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the lord has called me to be
his child. lovie's wife. patrick & pierce's mama. 
& that is where my time. energy. love. sacrifices need to be poured into first.

to have great success in this assignment my time management needed to change. 
purposeful time management looks different to everyone. 
this is what it now looks like to me. 

it means sacrificing extra sleep to wake up at 6 every morning. 
this gives me two hours of a quiet. sleepy. peaceful house. 
two hours before the boys wake & run ahead full speed.

two hours to have purposeful me time. 
to fill my tank. to have some fun. & feed my soul. 
to have prayer time. to play on pinterest. to write. 
to put on makeup for the day.

if you know me well. you know i love to sleep. i am not a morning person.
shockingly. this has been one of my favorite changes.
i look forward to getting up early every morning. 
i love my purposeful. quiet. alone time. 

purposeful time management means putting everything aside
during playtime with patrick & pierce. 

dedicating time to just being present in the moment with my boys. 

not playing puzzles while i am playing facebook. 
not speed racing cars while i speed race through pinterest.
not filling a sand bucket while i am filling an online shopping cart. 
not turning the pages to a children's book while i am turning the pages of my magazine.
not building my to-do list while i am building a big block tower. 

completely devoted. uninterrupted. undivided. focus on my boys. 
this makes for such meaningful time spent together. 

purposeful time management means
using nap time to get my household chores done instead of resting.
this way my time with lovie is not compromised in the evenings. 

i try to make sure that almost everything is done & tidied before lovie gets home from work. 
he works long hours. he gets home after dinner time. & boy does he work hard. 
we are both tired at the end of the day. 
we are both ready to just relax at the end of the day.

ensuring that most of my chores are done before lovie gets home 
allows us to have a few minutes alone together after bed time routines.
uninterrupted. just to talk. just to be together. even if we are just laying beside each other. 

being purposeful in the time throughout my day has made such a huge difference. 
it has strengthened relationships. it has allowed me to accomplish more. 

it is amazing to see the difference of exclusive dedication to each task at hand. 
the quality of each assignment is exponentially greater. 

how do you establish purposeful time management in your home?
i would love some tips from other mamas. 

camel + black.

is there anything more classic than
camel + black?

it is just so perfectly timeless.
it is just so simply elegant. 
i could literally wear some mix of camel + black daily.

building an entire fall wardrobe around this basic color palette
makes for super easy & effortless outfit selections everyday.
just add in some winter whites. creams. ivories. & leopard print.
and you have yourself a collection of intermixable pieces. 

here are a few of my fave camel + black ensembles. 

so simple. & irresistibly chic.  

this oversized camel scarf is divine. 

completely darling. camel on camel works. 

this screams fifth ave to me.
those shoes. those skinnies. that cape. that fur. that bag.

a classic trench is a staple for every fall wardrobe.
& don't you love that punch of glitter from her clutch?! 

everyday. livable. style.
love the slouchy sweater over the crisp button down. 
this is perfection.

i can easily get caught up in the latest fall trends . . .
you know. the it color of the season. 
that color that hangs on every rack. in every store. 
whether it is mustard. wine. olive. or burnt pumpkin. 
i fall for it {no pun intended}.
& i will start to fill my closet with those trends.
but it never feels completely right for me. 

i always. & i mean always. go back to my basics. 
the classics. the timeless. 
the camels + blacks. 

this beauty is my top choice for this season.
mine should arrive any day now. 
not only is it so lady like & so classic . . .
it is a steal at only 100 dollars at nordys.

i am also loving the latest banana republic jacket.
this could so easily be dressed down for a fall day.
or dressed up for a fall night on the town. 

how do you wear your camel + black?


if i could wear the same outfit every. single. day.
hands down. i most certainly would. 

it would be so simple. so effortless. 
one outfit that was a guaranteed home run. 
one outfit that could be accessorized to fit your mood. 

my uniform would be boyfriend jeans & a black top. 

so cool. so relaxed. so perfect. 
dressed up or dressed down. this uniform is so versatile.

i love the look with pointy shoes & a killer handbag.
that. is. street. chic.
but i also love the look with casual sneak or sandals.
that. is. everyday. casual. 

yes. an everyday uniform would make my life so easy.
no judgement if you see me wearing this look
every. single. day. 

{images courtesy of pinterest}

the blanket scarf.

i have always been a scarf-lovin girl.
& blanket scarves are the perfect accessory for this fall.

they complete an outfit. totally pulling it together. 
they have the ability to take jeans & a tee to a completely new level. 
they can also soften the look of a fitted blazer.
they are so versatile. 

i am lusting over the plaid blanket scarves this season.
they are impossibly classic with a mix of trend. 

here are a few of my favorite ways to style these great big. cozy. scarves. 

i'm dying over the colors in this fabulous scarf. 
so rich & buttery.

perfectly polished. 
the wine hues. the heels. the fitted blazer.
this look is killer good. 

we all know i am a sucker for monochromatic black.
this is so chic. amazing street style.

weekend casual. mom style. love this. 

loving the mixed patterns here. 

& again here. 
so cute. so whimsy. so playful. 

another simple monochromatic look
is offset by the plaid scarf. 
simple style. 

& i adore the layered look. 
it is just so perfectly fall. 

can you hardly stand it? 
are you running out to get one for yourself today?!
i know i am! maybe two or three.

i stumbled upon this darling etsy shop
& she has a beautiful selection of plaid scarves. 
not to mention. she has amazing prices. 

also. zara has a great selection of amazing blanket scarves. too. 
it's so hard to pick just one.  

cozy up. ladies!

{images courtesy of pinterest}

an unwanted promotion.

in the weeks before pierce was born.
i had visions of my two boys hugging & loving one another
from the very first minute they met in that hospital room.

i thought. surely. the second patrick saw his very own baby brother.
he would adore him & be proud to be a big brother. 

i was so wrong. 
oh let me tell you. 
these past three months have been tough. 

patrick most certainly did not want to be a big brother. 
he did not want to meet him. he did not want to hug him. he did not want look at him.
& he most definitely did not want to share his cars with him. 

patrick was gifted an unwanted promotion.

the weeks that followed pierce's homecoming
were overflowing with tears times three.
baby tears. big brother tears. & mama tears.

there were tantrums.
exponentially worse than the normal two year old. 
these were terrible-two-meets-only-child-wannabe- tantrums. 

if i was holding pierce. patrick stated put him away! put him down, mama!
if i said oh, look at the funny face pierce is making . . .
patrick would deliberately look the other direction. 

at first it made me a bit sad.
why didn't he love his baby? why didn't he even care to look at him?
to tickle his toesies. or to giggle at his little noises?

and why was my facebook newsfeed flooded with other brand new big siblings
that were holding. hugging. smiling. kissing. their new babies. 

i kid you not. patrick would literally not lay eyes on baby pierce for the first 6 weeks.
forget about hoping for a hug or a kiss. 

was i doing something wrong?!

should i have read more books to him about
becoming a big brother or bringing baby home?

should i have gotten him a toy doll to pretend like he had a baby?

should i have spent more time talking about what was in my big tummy? 

had i simply just spoiled this only child rotten to the core?
to the point of no return? where he thinks the world revolves around him?
and i was going to have a snotty crabby tyrant for the rest of my life?

dramatic. i know.
but us moms sure know how to blame ourselves & question our mothering.

& then i realized.
he is just like me. just like you. 
he is just like everybody in this world. 

and change is hard. 
change is hard for all of us.
especially for a two year old. 

his itty bitty world had been rocked. 
& he is {still} learning how to deal with it.

i tried several different tricks to foster the brotherly relationship. 
i'll give you a lollipop if you give pierce a hug.
come pinch pierce's nose. it will be funny. 
will you show pierce your favorite dinosaur?
oh look. pierce is waving at you. 

& then after several weeks i finally gave in.
i realized that it would only happen in patrick's timing. 

i stopped trying to force his love on baby pierce. 
we all know forced love is not love at all.

i stopped trying to get his approval of having a baby brother. 
i know that one day it will make him so very proud.

i stopped trying to bribe. to beg. to entice. to trick.
none of that worked. 

i simply loved on patrick. 
loved on his broken little heart.
loved on his selfish little soul.

i made sure to have one-on-one time with him.
just to play. just like the old days. 
{the good old days if you asked him}

& i let him work through this little bump that turned his world upside down. 
while i rested in the peace of knowing that this will pass. 

pierce is three months old tomorrow. 
we still have a long way to go. but we are slowly making progress. 

at this point patrick is used to. and quite comfortable. with pierce being around.
if pierce is in the other room patrick will sweetly ask 
where's baby pierce?!

i know that in some way. having pierce around is patrick's new normal. 
& while that is the extent of their friendship at this point. 
i am ok with that. 

i know that one day my sweet patrick boy will be so grateful 
for his unwanted promotion to big brother. 

he just doesn't know it yet. 

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