the sunny side {up}

breakfast for dinner is always a fave around here.
truly, there is not a dinner we love more than a hearty breakfast.

french toast. pancakes. peanut butter toast. 
omelette. scrambled egg. chicken&maple sausage.
turkey bacon. waffles. scrambled eggies.
you name it.
we love it. 

i credit my daddy dearest for this breakfast love affair.
growing up as a brett girl, i had many a nights dining over terry brett's
famous bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich.

this wasn't just any ol' sandwich. 
it was made in true terry brett style. 

the toast is only slightly toasted. crispy, yet still soft. 
definitely no brown crumbs on this toast.
extra butter. 

the eggs were perfectly fried.
sunny side up.
extra salt. extra pepper.
dad knew that i didn't like my eggs runny.
neither did mom.

the bacon was extra, extra crispy.
the cheese was melted.

the sandwich was squished together, cut in half, and devoured with a capital D.
D for Daddy

to this day, my dad still serves as a short order chef, 
whipping up one of his little creations upon request. 

he makes them for me. he makes them for the boys. he makes them for friends.
(the ones that spent countless nights eating them when we were kids)

he can even make them in mini-snack size. 

i have tried to master the terry brett special,
and i have to admit, i have come close... but its just not the same.
i guess i will just continue to show up unannounced and let him wait on me.

 i dont have to turn in my key just because i am getting married in 80 days, right daddy?

thankfully, my lovie has yet to try my dads sandwich.
the sweet boy thinks mine are the best out there.
part of me feels like i am leaving him out of a great secret.
but the bigger part of me relishes in the fact that one sweet soul in this world 
thinks that i make the very best, ultimate, perfect egg sandwich. 

i even get fancy and make him gourmet sandwiches. 
like tonight.
allow me to introduce you to the kristen brett special...
 egg, pesto, spinach, and salami sammie. 

i started with a hearty, whole grain, ciabbata bread.
i read one time that whole grain is more nutritional than multi-grain.
i read it. so, i believe it. 

if you put the bread in the oven and set the broiler to high,
the bread comes out with crispy edges.

two organic, cage free, sunny side up eggs.
make them to your liking. runny or not.

basil pesto? yes, please. 
i cannot get enough of this stuff. 
i put it on everything. 

spread the pesto on the warm bread.
dont be stingy. its good for you. 
and it is just oh-so-good.

assemble to your liking.
this is how i did it.

crispy bread.
basil pesto.
baby spinach leaves.
sunny side uppers.
thin sliced salami.
crispy bread.


my hubby-to-be agrees. 

oh, and by the way. do you notice this darling little plate? 
get this.
growing up at the brett house we all loved using this plate. 
"you are special today."

my first day of school. patricks birthday. davids soccer goal. drew babys A+.
whenever there was a reason to celebrate, we used this plate. 

i had completely forgotten about this plate until i was perusing 
through Home Goods with my mom a few months ago. 
I saw this red plate and our sweet family memories came flooding back. 

i couldnt put it down. it was surely coming home with me. 
i love being able to surprise my lovie on random days with this simple little plate.
little words. big meaning. 

it is the simple moments in life that remind me how blessed i am.
i definitely live life on the sunny side {up}

sweet success

i don't have a sweet tooth.
i most definitely have sweet teeth.

there is not a day that goes by that i don't indulge myself 
with some sort of sweet, little treat.
if we are being honest, i've never met a sugar that i did not like. 

that being said, i still try to live a healthy life. 
i try to eat more veg & drink more green tea.
 eat organic and local goods. cut out most of the processed foods. 
i stay away from the white foods and try to fill my plate with color. 
life is prettier with color, anyways

so, in my pursuit to eating healthier. and yes, even skipping an occasional dessert...
you can imagine my joy when i found this little recipe.

i went bananas. 

this little gem of a treat has no sugar.
check, check. is this thing on? did you hear me?
yep, i said no sugar!

nor are these babies sweetened with honey, agave, stevia, truvia, or any other -vias.
the sweetness comes from our au natural bee-nana

i am certain you are already doubting the deliciousness of my treat,
but just trust me on this one. 


you'll want to find three large, very ripe bananas.
i buy conventional- not organic.
since you do not eat the peel, you are a-ok.

visit your local health food store to find the 
almond meal & unsweetened coconut.

i find that Bob's Red Mill is the best out there.
just be sure that you store them in the fridge or freezer to lengthen the shelf life.

the recipe calls for any old chocolate chip. i debated using semi-sweet tollhouse chips, but decided to be extremely healthy and use the Enjoy Life semi-sweet mini chips. Not only are the mini-chips adorably tiny, but they are also nut free, dairy free, and soy free. 

oh, and they taste wonderful. 
you would never know the difference. 
but your bod will surely thank you.

this was my first time baking with coconut oil. and i love it. 
i used organic coconut oil. 
you will want to heat the oil for a few seconds so that it is no longer in a solid form. 

the cinnamon adds a nice extra kick to these babies, 
so i might add a little extra next time.

i always use pure vanilla extract. 
you can find great vanilla and Home Goods and the Maxx...
so keep your eyes peeled next time you are there.

don't they just look delicious?!

i was surprised to find that the cookies look exactly the same when you take them out of the oven as they did when you put them in. so do not be alarmed when you bake them.

right when i took the treats out of the oven i was desperate to have a taste tester. 
i am bias. remember, i have never met a sweet that i did not like. 
so, naturally, i love, love, love them. 

but i needed an audience. an honest audience. 

6 thumbs up. technically, that would be 12 thumbs up. 

my lovie was judge #1.
sweet success.

i dashed over to mom and dads. after one bite mom was dying for the recipe. 
{dad's vote doesn't count}

i knew the final test would be from my health-nut bestie, leslie.
i dropped a little goodie bag off on her porch and waited with great anticipation.

5 stars from the Burket household. 
both little hands and big hands loved the 
sugar-free, dairy-free, nut-free, soy-free treat.

this will definitely be a staple in my collection of recipes. 
i can't wait to try out other additions. take out the chocolate and add raisins
for a great morning snack. all variations of dried fruits would be yummy, too.

between you and me, friend...
i have already eaten 7.

 Banana, Oat, and Chocolate Cookies

3 large, ripe bananas. mashed.
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/4 cup coconut oil
2 cups old fashioned oats
2/3 cup almond meal
1/3 cup finely shaved coconut, unsweetened
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon fine sea salt
1 teaspoon baking powder
6 ounces chocolate chips

mix the mashed bananas, vanilla, and coconut oil.
in a separate bowl, mix all of the dry ingredients.
add the dry mixture to the banana mixture.
fold in the chocolate chips
spoon into balls
(i use an ice cream scooper)
place on parchment lined cookie sheet
bake at 350 for 13-15 minutes


i found this recipe from a great little blog, 101 cookbook.
i am so excited to try many more of her healthy recipes.

simple treasures.

i happen to love going grocery shopping. 
it is a sunday pleasure of mine that i truly delight in. 
fresh market may or may not be my 
all time fave.

ok. it is my fave. without a shadow of a doubt.

i love the sounds. the smells. the set up.
it just all works for me. 

being welcomed by blooms of lovelies only adds to the pleasure

the colors. the black and white awnings. 
be still my heart. 

the fresh produce. organized by color. perfection. 

even with all of of that eye candy, 
the real treasure of my mid-morning outing was coming home with this treat in my grocery sack....

look a tad bit closer...

hubs for my hubs-to-be

i couldn't believe my eyes. 
my lovie loves snacks of all sorts,
but this is sure to be his new fave. 

all you mrs. & mrs.-to-be
dash out and get this little treat for your main man

a simple treasure for sure.

well, hello lovelies

i invite you all to walk a mile in my shoes. although, you'll probably want to walk two or three

my lovie surprised me with these beauties for my 27th birthday. 

black & big bows. 
he sure does know how to make this girl smile

i could wrap my mister up in a big bow
he is surely the greatest gift of all

can't you just see these flats with a great little cocktail dress?
or better yet,
an everyday wear with skinny jeans, chunky gold jewels, and a fantastic leopard bag!
going out for a night on the town with friends this evening...
will be sure to share pictures of my outfit and shoes!

what would be your dream outfit with these babies?! 

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