simple treasures.

i happen to love going grocery shopping. 
it is a sunday pleasure of mine that i truly delight in. 
fresh market may or may not be my 
all time fave.

ok. it is my fave. without a shadow of a doubt.

i love the sounds. the smells. the set up.
it just all works for me. 

being welcomed by blooms of lovelies only adds to the pleasure

the colors. the black and white awnings. 
be still my heart. 

the fresh produce. organized by color. perfection. 

even with all of of that eye candy, 
the real treasure of my mid-morning outing was coming home with this treat in my grocery sack....

look a tad bit closer...

hubs for my hubs-to-be

i couldn't believe my eyes. 
my lovie loves snacks of all sorts,
but this is sure to be his new fave. 

all you mrs. & mrs.-to-be
dash out and get this little treat for your main man

a simple treasure for sure.


  1. Love the Hubs - might have to grab some for my hubs!! And yes - Fresh Market IS the best, live visiting in Florida, wish we had one at hone. And the monogrammed grocery bag - gonna need one if those with my new initials!!

  2. thanks, kris. how fun to catch up on here. your blog will now be a daily read of mine. xoxo


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