twine & twig.

i am really digging earthy. organic. accessories this fall.
whether is is a glossy bone necklace. a gold shark tooth pendant. or a sparkly geode bracelet.
i am all about the glam meets natural look right now.

i am especially loving the latest collection from twine & twig

how fabulous are those necklaces?

two sisters. born & raised in north carolina. started twine & twig two years ago.
their collection has exploded. and it is no surprise why.

the pieces. are. amazing. 

love the layering here. 

talk about a statement necklace!

all the pieces are one.of.a.kind. & handcrafted. 

there are three main lines: trail. cliff. & shore.
each line is representative of its name.
tips & tails. shells & spines. 

they even make the most darling little twig collection for our kiddos. 
they are great accessories for both boys & girls. 

i simply cannot decide which piece i need to start my collection.
they are all so wonderfully unique & striking. 

which one is your fave? 

tot tupperware town.

i am always looking for activities that will 
encourage independent & imaginative play.

not only does it give mommy a few minutes to herself.
but it also is so beneficial in stimulating creativity 
& setting the stage for make believe play.

one of patrick's {and mommys} favorite activities is our
tot tupperware town.

i simply bought an extra large tupperware & lid.
and then filled it with sand. rocks. pebbles. sticks.
that is the foundation for this activity.

every week or so i rotate out little towns for patrick to play with.
sometimes it is construction town. sometimes its dinosaur town.
sometimes its jungle town. and so on.

i had all of our towns out today to take pictures.
and somehow {haha} they ended up all in the bin together.
so for today. we have a construction town that is being invaded by dinosaurs. 
so totally awesome.

i love sitting to the side & observing patrick play.
it is so neat to watch his imagination soar.

bulldozers push through the sand.
monster dump trucks get filled with rocks.

mama giraffes walk the sand dunes 
with their baby giraffes close behind.

broccoli-sauraus {brachiosaurus} eat the sticks.
while t rex jumps over big boulders.

& sometimes patrick really gets into it.

it is his own personal sandbox safari.

what is really great about this activity is the portability.
we keep this tupperware in our garage. it is easy to pull out whenever we want.

& because of the lid. it is easy to pack in the trunk to take on-the-go.
to grandmas. to a friends house. to the park. 

we really love it. & we truly use it several times a week.
the possibilities are endless. & so are the hours of fun to be had. 

so mamas. grandmas. aunts . . .
go snag a tupperware & create some fun for your little tots.

oh. and i also like the idea of getting several small tupperware boxes to create mini towns.
that way instead of switching out the towns every week
you could just leave them in their own personal bin. 

just another reason to love tupperware. 

sugar paper for target.

i am completely & utterly dying over the  
s u g a r  p a p e r   x   t a r g e t  
holiday collaboration.

it is gift wrapping & decor perfection. 
it. is. perfection. 

i have been a devoted sugar paper lover for several years now.
& was fortunate enough to have collaborated with them before they made it super big time.
{yes. when you collab with tarjay. you have made it super big time in my book}
you can see two of my previous posts on them here and here.

this collection has my name all over it.
take a peak.

you may find thirty-seven of these boxes under my christmas tree.
they may be empty. & simply there for looks. 
but boy will it look pretty. 

i happen to love wrapping presents. 
i guess i just love creating pretty little things.
and the presentation of a gift is equally as important as the gift itself.

that structured bow.
those perfect little bobble ornaments. 
they knock it out of the park.

the gold piping on these gift boxes.
it is so impossibly beautiful.

and the ornament gift topper is just stinkin cute. 

love that the gift boxes are 
lovely enough to use as table decor.

be. still. my. heart.
the black. the gold. the white.
the jumbo polka dots.
the scalloped gift boxes.

was this collection made just for me?! 

adore these embellished wreaths as chair decor.
but they would be even sweeter as plate embellishments 
for a holiday dinner party or supper club. 

completely darling. 

beautiful ribbon is a must for beautiful gift wrapping.
anytime you see some you love. snag it. 
you'll be thankful one day.

oh. and master a perfect bow this holiday season.
it makes the world of a difference in present presentation. 

yes. yes. yes. 
i do believe that sugar paper had me in mind when they designed this collection.
it is as if they have perfectly gift wrapped my whole style in one pretty little package.

now. ladies. run don't walk to target to snag some pretties of your own.
{they are already sold out of a lot of items online!} 

lenny & eva.

i have a major crush on the brand lenny & eva.
this inspirational & sentimental jewelry line totally speaks my language. 

it is super cute. it is adorably original. & it is jam-packed with faith. 
it is the perfect everyday accessory collection. 

i was so over the moon when i discovered this line at marion's

all the pieces are interchangeable. 
which guarantees a one-of-a-kind look
that is completely catered to your style & personality. 

the cuffs. the beaded bracelets. the chains. the wraps.
the charms. the sentiment plaques. the add ons.
they all can be switched & worn in so many different ways. 
it is just brilliant. 

i have stacked my arm full of faith reminders.
i need those throughout the days.
it is so sweet to look down & be reminded 
of grace. or to pray. or of His truths. 

i mean. really?!
how cute is this little bundle?!
i just adore them. 

these would be the perfect gift for any girlfriend
as they speak to all women, in all walks of life. 
some are centered on love. some are centered on encouragement. 
but all are equally inspiring.
i just love it. 

so run out today and snag your interchangable lenny & eva.
marion's has a big collection with a ton of options to choose from. 
visit her & she can help you create the perfect look. 

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