kate spade. spring 2014.

it should come as no surprise to me. or to anyone else
that i am absolutely. positively. dying over the newest kate spade collection.
oh. my. heavens. it is just so impossibly perfect. 
hello. kate spade new york. spring 2014.

it was tough to narrow down my top three picks.
all of the ensembles were so elegant. so chic. & so modern day jackie. 
while much of the collection was party attire . . .
i was especially drawn to the sophisticated lunch attire.

i could see myself strolling down beach drive for an early spring lunch in these get ups.

how sensational is that coat?!
the subtle metallic is just gorgeous. 

this windowpane ensemble is just my style.
i love everything about this entire look.
{maybe change out that top knot bun for a little pixie cut}

 i love the simple elegance of this gray & white look.
this is. hands down. the epitome of class. 
gray & white has been sprinkling my closet this spring . . .
and i am happy to see that that will be on trend for this season.

tres chic. kate spade. 

white simplicity.

i stumbled upon this little blog today & instantly loved her style.
this entire ensemble in particular. it has my name written all over it.
i adore the simple elegance. the monochromatic hues. & the subtle sexiness.
check it out. 

how fab is this outfit? 
i am now on the hunt for these pieces.
literally. right this very minute trying to find that jacket. 
love. love. love. 

{images courtesy of walk in wonderland blog}

wall art.

i am just loving abstract expressionist artwork.
i must give credit to my artsy father for introducing me to many legends.
many artists who hold a paint brush & create movement with their art.

i am especially coveting a piece or two by willem de kooning.
something like one of these would look smashing in our home.

there is so much emotion in these pieces.
i just love them. the beautiful mess that they are.
the perfect pop of color to add to a house of black & white. 

for the new moms.

being a new mama . . . i learn something new everyday.
whether it is a bit of my babe's personality. or a new found strength i have.
or a more efficient way to pack my diaper bag. or mastering tasks using only one hand.
everyday. practically every moment. i learn something new. 
there have been some ah-ha moments. some time saving moments. 
some stress saving moments. some learning-to-love-my-boy-better moments.
& a whole lot of learning-to-love-myself-better moments. 

those moments. the ones about loving myself better. 
those have been hugely significant in this journey of becoming a new mama. 
you see. loving your baby to the best of your ability comes naturally.
i am so in love with this boy that my heart could burst.
i love him with every ounce of myself & every fiber of my being.
loving him is easy. 

its the loving myself as i learn to be a new mama that is challenging. 
i am hard on myself. i critique myself. i doubt my ability. i doubt my strength. 
i second guess my decisions. i mess up. i loose my patience.
i wonder if i am being a good mama. 

but the truth of the matter is.
i am being a good mama. 
i am being the best mama i know how to be. 
and each day as i learn another little something . . . 
i become more and more confident.

so as a new mama. i am here to share with you other new mamas 
a few valuable things that i have learned along the way. 
a few it's ok to . . .
a few just so you knows . . .
& a few other little tidbits. 

it is ok to feel overwhelmed. flustered. & like you are no good at the mom thing.
you will have moments that you feel that way. and probably a lot. 
but you will also have moments when you are so proud of your mothering skills.
you feel that you are doing everything right. 
and you probably are. 

it is ok to feel those pesky little post-partum emotions. 
those tears. those anxious moments. those wild thoughts.
they do not mean you are weak. you are hormonal. 
& that is totally normal. do not be ashamed of that.
those tears you cry after you have rocked your baby to sleep . . .
let each one of them be a reminder that your world has just been rocked too.
{unfortunately not rocked to sleep. that is tough to come by at first}

it is okay to leave your baby for a weekend away. or for a night out.
just because you are ok with leaving your babe does not mean you love him any less
than the mother who can't possibly leave her child. 
it is just a matter of personality.
welcome those times to escape. 
to reconnect with your hubs. to just relax.

just so you know . . . your babies most fave toys & teethers will be 
something that you already have at home. 
i have stocked baskets upon baskets with toys. stuffed animals. blocks. & so on.
and yet baby patrick's faves are as follows:
 cell phone case. spatulas. tupperware lids. plastic cups.
we play really fancy around the mills house. 

just so you know . . . you hardly need anything to raise your baby.
you do not need a wipe warmer. or a raised deluxe bath center. 
you do not need half of the things out on the market. don't let it overwhelm you.
that being said. there are a few must-haves that i totally love.
a really good. loud. rainy. white. noise maker. 
a super-duper comfy rocking chair. 
the boppy for newborn months. 
gripe water. works miracles. 
& a few little giraffe blankets. 

just so you know . . . you will change your crib sheets way more than anticipated.
stock up on those babies. unless you intend on doing laundry every other day.

just so you know . . . things are about to get down & dirty. 
you will wipe snotty noses & poopy bottoms. 
you will be tinkled on. a lot. 
you will get tinkle. poop. or spit up on nearly all your clothes.
you will catch throw up in your hands.
so invest in a lot of soap & laundry detergent. 
spin cycle is about to get crankin. 

just so you know . . .
being a mother will be the most wonderful experience in the entire world. 
i am only eight months in & i have already been filled with unmeasurable amounts of joy. 

get ready to learn a whole lotta new somethings every day, mamas. 
a lot about your baby. and even more about yourself. 
i can promise . . . you are stronger. wiser. 
& more in-tune motherly than you will ever give yourself credit for. 

chic looks by ann.

ann taylor has totally stepped up their game
when it comes to designing chic. classic. & fashion forward looks.
i have been so inspired the last several times i have popped into the store.
gone are the days of staid office wear & suit sets.
say hello to simple. elegant. & crisp ensembles.
miss ann sure knows what she is doing these days. 

wowza. loving this matching cardigan & coat.
a little animal print always brings an extra dose of sass. 
& the silhouette just screams class. 

a boxy & cropped jacket is the perfect accessory for a summer shorts ensemble.
this dresses up a daytime look. making it so simple to transition to an evening happy hour. 
don't you just love the piping on the jacket?!

so chic. 
love the hat. love the top. love the pants. love the shoes.
love. it. all. 

this outfit is so effortlessly chic. 
it is simple & relaxed. yet refined. i love that combo. 
the slouched tuck of the sweater is so essential in achieving this look.

i could spend many spring days donning this outfit.
monochromatic perfection. textured details. & exquisite femininity.

is this collection not swoon-worthy?!
honestly. miss ann has nailed it this time. 

oh. and if you haven't noticed . . .
ankle straps are huge this spring & summer. 
i have been seeing them sprinkling all the stores this season.
i already snagged some fab styles by vince & valentino. 
go find your perfect style for this spring season. 

best buds.

baby patrick has a very best bud.
he snuggles him. tugs him. bites him. kisses him.
squeals at him. laughs at him. talks to him.

it is the cutest thing & 
patrick just gets the biggest kick out of it.
i mean. honestly. who doesn't want a lion for a best bud?!

how adorable is that?!

you rock valentine.

lovie & i were in savannah last weekend . . .
& i stumbled upon the most darling old time candy shoppe.
it was a little slice of heaven for this sweet loving girl. 

amidst all the chocolate. divinity. caramel. and the like.
i found a perfectly arranged row of glass jars.
each jar held the most beautifully colored rock candy sticks.
it was seriously eye candy to the tenth power.

it was all i could do to not buy every single color.
so in honor of valentines day . . . i scooped a few pink & red ones.
they were too pretty not to take home.

with their dainty little sticks. 

& the loveliest shade of ballerina pink.

i just had to have a bundle.

of course. i thought they would make such a sweet little valentine.
especially for a girlfriend who loves hot tea.
{who doesn't love hot tea?!}

i tied a little pink tulle bow around each stick.
& it made them even more darling. 
& while i am using them for valentines . . .
i think these would be so adorable for a little girls ballerina birthday party.
if i ever have a little girlie of my own i will surely have a ballerina party.

who needs a bouquet of flowers when you can have a bouquet of rock candy?!
the perfect way to say you rock valentine!

the perfect valentine.

as a child. i always loved valentine's day.
it would thrill me to bring my very own valentine's day mailbox to school.
& come home that afternoon with a box full of valentines to read.
it wasn't just a day for lovers. it was a day to celebrate all kinds of love.

it may or may not make my heart a little sad 
that as an adult that tradition no longer exists.
my mailbox is never full with tons of valentines from friends.
& if i am perfectly honest. i don't really send valentines to my friends either.

this year . . . let's change that.
let's bring back the gift of exchanging valentine's with our dear friends.
letting them know just how much we love & adore them.

i have designed these little valentines just for that purpose.
the perfect way to share your love with your special people on this special day.

a bottle of wine is always a very well received gift.
what better way to top off that bottle with a book of love scriptures.
perfectly personalized & catered to your recipient.
whether you are gifting this to a friend or a lover . . . 
the scriptures reflect that particular relationship.

this is such a sweet & tender way to let your valentine know
that they hold the key to your heart.

i just adore the wealth of truth. love. & faith that are in these words.

a silver key to my heart valentine is an option. too. 
i love the simplicity of the colors with that little pop of red. 

this is a sample of the romantic scriptures. 
a wonderful book of verses to read together as a couple.
not just on valentine's day . . . but everyday.

how cute is this version?
i adore the typewriter print that reads love you to pieces. love. love. love.

these valentine's with the great. big. bubbly. heart. 
would be so sweet to give to each of your girlfriends.

how darling is this valentine's day inspired paper?!
i have several other pink & red papers that you can choose from. too.
polka dots. stripes. chevron. & the like. 

don't you just love the idea of sending valentine's to all your loved ones this year?!
let's all just go a little wild over spreading the love this valentine's day.
it will make the world such a sweet. sweet place. 

each valentine is 15 dollars.
& includes 16 personalized scriptures.
so scoot on over & order them at my etsy shop.
{make sure to let me know if you want the romantic/ plutonic version}


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