the perfect valentine.

as a child. i always loved valentine's day.
it would thrill me to bring my very own valentine's day mailbox to school.
& come home that afternoon with a box full of valentines to read.
it wasn't just a day for lovers. it was a day to celebrate all kinds of love.

it may or may not make my heart a little sad 
that as an adult that tradition no longer exists.
my mailbox is never full with tons of valentines from friends.
& if i am perfectly honest. i don't really send valentines to my friends either.

this year . . . let's change that.
let's bring back the gift of exchanging valentine's with our dear friends.
letting them know just how much we love & adore them.

i have designed these little valentines just for that purpose.
the perfect way to share your love with your special people on this special day.

a bottle of wine is always a very well received gift.
what better way to top off that bottle with a book of love scriptures.
perfectly personalized & catered to your recipient.
whether you are gifting this to a friend or a lover . . . 
the scriptures reflect that particular relationship.

this is such a sweet & tender way to let your valentine know
that they hold the key to your heart.

i just adore the wealth of truth. love. & faith that are in these words.

a silver key to my heart valentine is an option. too. 
i love the simplicity of the colors with that little pop of red. 

this is a sample of the romantic scriptures. 
a wonderful book of verses to read together as a couple.
not just on valentine's day . . . but everyday.

how cute is this version?
i adore the typewriter print that reads love you to pieces. love. love. love.

these valentine's with the great. big. bubbly. heart. 
would be so sweet to give to each of your girlfriends.

how darling is this valentine's day inspired paper?!
i have several other pink & red papers that you can choose from. too.
polka dots. stripes. chevron. & the like. 

don't you just love the idea of sending valentine's to all your loved ones this year?!
let's all just go a little wild over spreading the love this valentine's day.
it will make the world such a sweet. sweet place. 

each valentine is 15 dollars.
& includes 16 personalized scriptures.
so scoot on over & order them at my etsy shop.
{make sure to let me know if you want the romantic/ plutonic version}


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