outfit envy.

i am dying over this little get-up.
it has my name written all over it. 

isn't it just the most darling little outfit you ever did see?
i am a big scarf girl. i wear one nearly everyday.
and this scarf is just so spot on. 
love the colors. love the dots. love how it is tied in a great big bow. 

you better believe i am now on a mission to replicate this outfit. 
love. love. love.

{image courtesy of allpeople via classy in the city}

in the red.

i am just loving red right now.
it is so sublimely merry in the most lovely of ways.
loving red blouses. & red shoes. red lips & red party dresses. 

a chic red jump suit. 
one would never be mistaken for santa in this sexy little number.
i am loving the cutout detail & the length of sleeve.

loving this look.
equal parts chic & comfy. 
a red cable knit paired with crisp winter white trousers.
going bold with color. but simple in style.

and if winter white is not your cup of tea. no need to fret.
black & red is always a bold fashion statement.
there is so much to love about this look.
the polka dot tights. the red trench. the ombre sunnies. the oversized fur collar.
love. love. love. to the tenth power.

so how about you?
how are you wearing your reds this holiday season?

{images courtesy of gastrocghic. sex and the city. unknown}

i've got the blues.

i am feeling sorta blue today.
but not the blue you are probably thinking of.
quite the opposite actually.
my day has been filled with thoughts of sweet baby boys wrapped in soft blue blankies.
blue little rompers. blue little boppies. & blue little onsies.
that's right, my friends.
lovie & i are expecting a sweet little boy.
our world is wrapped up in a big blue bow & we couldn't be more thrilled!
we had a doctors appointment yesterday
& the ultrasound tech said she could give her best guess as to the gender...
but let me tell you...
there was no guessing about it.
our sweet baby boy was way too excited to say hello!
we are just over the moon.
& i couldn't wait one more minute to share our joyous news.
little baby boy snuggles are just months away!

mackenzie-childs christmas.

lovie & i are hosting our very first christmas eve dinner.
in the brett family. christmas eve has always been a big hoorah.
& seeing as how i am now a married woman. and have just settled into our new home.
it seems most appropriate that christmas eve dinner be held at the mills residence.

you can imagine my excitement. 
having twenty people over to our house for a fancy little soirée.
sounds like a perfectly swell idea. if i do say so myself.

with the big night only a few shorts weeks away.
i am already trying to design a lovely menu & create a most merry home.
the christmas lights have been hung. the halls are decked with christmas decor.
the tree is perfectly placed. & the stockings are hung. 
the mills home is a cheery little place.

except one thing. 
i am swirling all sorts of table scape ideas around in my mind.
gold & glitzy? a snowy winter wonderland? traditional red & green?
the decorating possibilities are endless...

but if i could create my most perfect. most beautiful. most lovely christmas table.
it would most certainly be a table overflowing with mackenzie-childs pretties.
a black. white. & gold. christmas table would be just divine. 

each & every piece of the mackenzie-childs courtly collection is stunning.
i am coveting every last piece of this ceramic collection.
the black & white check is so my style.
& the gold fluted edges just send it home for me.
table scape perfection to the max.

this might be my very fave of all the pieces.
i mean honestly. is there anything lovelier than this fluted. gold-rimmed. bowl?

tea anyone?
absolutely darling.

the fluted dinner plates are stunning.
the teacup & saucer are just out of this world.

these have my name all over them.
black & white checkerboard. gold trim & polka dots.
this cheese serving set belongs with me.

can't you just imagine it?
a perfectly black. white. & gold christmas table?!
it would just be too good to be true.

so. the question is...
would lovie ever be convinced that this was a necessity for our hosting debut?
... a girl can dream.
& this girl dreams in black. white. & gold.

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