mom style.

am i the only mama who has had a hard time figuring out her mom style?
especially in this transition from having a sweet sleepy babe to a messy on-the-go toddler. 
many of the pieces hanging in my closet just are not suitable these days.
either sticky peanut butter hands are tugging on my blouse.
or dirt. sweat. & tears. are being rubbed on my shorts. 

between messy meal times. playground visits. & florida summers . . .
about 90% of my closet is off limits. 

that being said. 
i don't want to trade in looking fashionable for looking like a grungy hot mess. 
that just will not work for me . . . maybe i am a bit too vain?
fashion has just been such a huge part of who i am.
thank goodness for the latest trend of street chic workout attire. 
that has become my solution. my staple. my every day go-to. 

it is so much more than just yoga pants & a work out top. 
{mind you that is definitely a part of my new uniform rotation}
i'm talking slouchy ankle pants. oversized tees. & cool kicks.
effortless street chic. durable mom style.
its a win-win. 

my current obsession is the athlete line by gap.
they are great quality & friendly on my pocketbook. 

love the slouchy pants. they are my fave. 

pair them with a cute tank. some oversized sunnies. a statement watch. 
& you look like one super cute mama. 

i even love these shorts. 
they are totally cool. 

again. loving this slouchy pant look. its just so breezy.
not too mention . . . those birkenstocks are totally with it. 
athlete certainly nailed it with these street style looks. 

so. tell me mama friends.
how do you keep looking fashionable while chasing after your kiddos?

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