sugar paper sweeties.

those of you who know me.
know my affection for pretty papers & sweet stationery.
it is no surprise that sugar paper is my very fave.
as their designs are so impossibly perfect. 
they envelope the most darling mix of whimsy & charm.
absolutely love sugar paper. 

i am especially sweet for the latest valentine's day cards.
it does not get much cuter than scalloped edges. polka dots. & stripes.

these little cards are sure to make your valentine swoon.
i can hardly wait till mine arrive in the mail.
i may or may not have ordered one of each.
what can i say. i just love love. 

jessica choay.

i just love it when i stumble upon a new {to me} fashion designer.
this morning i was thrilled to discover the super talented jessica choay.
her looks are subtly sexy & completely chic.
to the tenth power.

i mean honestly. i am coveting each of these pieces.
not too mention the model & photography is just stunning. 

c'est si bon. indeed. 
i have picked out my two fave must-haves. 
these will absolutely have a home in my closet one day.

is that not gorgeous?! 
the lines. the bows. the drapes. 
i love it.

& this is just so elegant.
certainly a timeless piece.

hop on over to her site to see all her other pretties.
you are surely in for a treat!  

lululemon giveaway winner.

i think that this lululemon giveaway just may be the
most favorite of all the c'est si bon giveaways to date!
and while i wish i could give each & every one of you this little shopping spree...
only one lucky girl gets the prize.

little miss lauren beard
you are the winner of the 100$ lululemon gift certificate! 
yahoo! so thrilled for you! 
can't wait to see what you pick out!
email me your mailing address at

and don't worry girls.
there is another great giveaway coming next week.
so definitely stay tuned. 

a wardrobe remix.

i always look forward to switching out my seasonal wardrobes.
& swapping out the winter wear for the resort wear may be my all-time fave.
there is just something so refreshing about it.
putting the dark & heavy clothes away.
breaking out the crisp & lighter clothes.
i just love it. 

being a florida girl. where we lack true seasons. 
i have learned to break the rules a little bit.
in my little world resort season starts after valentines day.
that means in a few short weeks i will be rocking my resort garb. 
and loving every second of it. 
there is nothing more chic than the crispness of navy blues. yellows. & golds. 
it just screams easy. breezy. elegance. 

so as i prepare to box up all my wintery clothes. & break out the boxes of resort wear.
i am using this little flow chart to help me stay organized.
it is time to be out with the old. in with the new. 
switching our seasonal wardrobes is the perfect time to purge.
i happen to love finding pieces that i am ready to part with.
it just clears up space in my tiny closets for new little pretties.
and that is always a good thing. 

hope this helps you as much as it will help me.
i snagged it from one of my very fave blogs deliciously organized.
happy closet cleaning!

dear valentine.

my dearest little lovie valentine.
i found a little something that would surely make my heart
pitter. pitter. patter. & go all a flutter. 
since my world is slowly filling up with hues of blues.
i certainly think that this little pop of fuchsia would really be swell. 
in fact. it would tickle me pink.
valentino rock stud flats. be mine.

oh & ps.
you can find these at nordstroms. or neimans.
size 8.5. 
pretty please?! 

a little oscar love.

well. lovelies. 
oscar de la renta has done it again.
the man can do no wrong when it comes to the runway.
in fact. he knocks it out of the park every season.
i am drooling over these pre-fall 2013 runway looks.
so chic. so beautiful. so belong in my closet.

love. love. love.
this reminds me of audrey in roman holiday.
so simply chic. & adore the pop of tangerine. 

this has my name sprinkled all over it.
i love the entire ensemble.
the cut of the pants. the bow on the blouse. the busy pattern.
absolute perfection.

adore this tweed jacket & full skirt.
the textural combo is brilliant. 
not too mention the poppy pumps.
just darling.

well done. oscar. very well done.
you remain my all-time fave designer. 
& i love you for that. 

{images courtesy of}

lululemon giveaway.

having just celebrated the new year. 
i am sure your new years resolutions are in full force.
and if you are anything like me...
every year you resolve to up your game when it comes to fitness.
cliche. i know. but even still. a worthy goal.

for me. i resolve to walk more. start prenatal yoga. pump a teeny bit of iron.
nothing extreme. something totally tangible & attainable.
but most importantly.
i resolve to look cute while working out. 

enter: my current obsession. lululemon.

with my growing belly. my lululemon yoga pants have become a staple in my wardrobe.
not only are the entirely way too comfortable to even put into words.
but they are also so stinkin cute. and flattering. and uplifting in all the right areas.
but even before my little babe started to slowly pop out.
forcing me to commit to expandable waistband pants.
i spent a great deal of my time in my lululemons.

the quality is top notch.
the designs are flirty & fun.
the colors are punchy.
lululemon is hands down my all time-fave workout gear.
& i want to share the goodness with you.

those of you who are already lulu-addicts. i know you hear what i am saying.
& those of you who have not yet been introduced to the line...
prepare yourselves! 
you are about to add another addition to your list.
check out these lululemon pics.

the array of jackets & pullovers is limitless. 

with matching headbands. yippee!

flirty sportsbras.

& sexy little tanks.

don't you just love the different styles & colors?!

how impossibly comfy do these pants look?!

darling chevron top & electric blue pants.
so stinkin cute. 
& these are just very few of the options. 
i mean. honestly. the choices of tops & bottoms & coverups & accessories is endless.
lululemon makes it totally possible to have a 
color coordinated outfit for every workout session of the week. 
& i happen to really love that! 

so. girlies. 
here is a little treat for you.
a 100 dollar lululemon giftcard is going to one lucky c'est si bon reader.
yep. you heard me right.
one. hundred. buckaroos. just for you. 

to enter in this giveaway follow these simple steps.
1. leave a comment sharing which lululemon piece you would love to own.
2. share the link to this post on your facebook wall or twitter.
4. sign up to follow c'est si bon by email.
{enter your email on the right hand side of blog}

good luck little lovelies.
winner will be announced on monday, january 21. 

big thanks to lululemon!

blushing pink.

i am just loving pale pinks these days.
something about this blushing hue is just so feminine.
its impossibly calming. & subtly alluring.
i'm loving it on lips. in fashions. in blooms. & in sweet treats. 

the sweetest ways to lighten up these winter days. 
how do you incorporate this most lovely color into your chillier months?

{images courtesy of christian dior. the berry. they all hate us. my luscious life. unknown}


completely swooning over these golden beauties.
balmain sure knows how to make a statement. 
& i am all about a shiny statement. 

having a major gold rush moment.
good. as. gold. 

{images courtesy of unknown via pinterest}

the loviest lovie.

i have to take a few moments to shamelessly gush about how grand my husband is.

he is truly the loviest lovie in all the land. 
an absolute prince. the ultimate caretaker. the master of love.
the good Lord knew exactly what I needed when he blessed me with my lovie. 

the last eighteen weeks. four & a half months. have been tough for this momma-to-be.
& this amazing man has taken such tender care of me.
unconditionally. unwavering. unbelievably wonderful care.

so. this is for you my lovie.
the biggest thank you of them all.
i simply do not know what i would do without your love & support. 

as i lay in bed all day long today. 
lovie brought me an abundance of everything i need.
lots of gatorade. bananas. crackers. peanut butter.
& the one thing i could never manage without.
his love.

you. mister lovie. are absolutely. hands down. without a shadow of a doubt.
my all-time favorite. ever. ever. ever. 

silver queen.

i have always been a lover of silver.
silver trays. silver bowls. silver flatware. & silver vases.
the little job of polishing seems such a small task in comparison 
to the immeasurable beauty of sparkling piece of silver. 

i dont know about you.
but watching downton abbey has only intensified my love for all things silver.
i simply adore the dinner scenes. 
family gathered around a table that is overflowing with silver treasures.
how utterly & royally perfect.

i see a lovely little dinner soirĂ©e in my near future.
and you can be certain that the table will be boasting beautiful pieces of silver.

how about you?
do you love silver as much as i do?

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