opulent orange

in celebrating october 31,
i thought i would share some of my orange-adorned faves.

i have an extraordinary {orange} crush on all of these. 

{all photos courtesy of pinterest}

t minus twenty

in twenty days
i will be mrs. michael mott mills, junior.

i can hardly believe that we are only twenty little days away 
from devoting ourselves to one another forever. and ever.
in front of our family.
our friends.
and our sweet Lord.
we will be married.
and i could not be more excited.

i have been practicing my new signature.
and i think my new name has a nice little ring to it.
i think i am ready for a new last name. 
kristen brett mills. 
cute, no?!

being that we only have these twenty days to tie up all our loose ends, 
mom and i are racing to cross off items on our to-do list every day.

today we got quite a few things done.

get rehearsal dinner dress.
make seating chart.
create a detailed itinerary of the ceremony
create a detailed itinerary of the reception
double check the rsvp list
finish making out of town guest baskets

it feels oh-so great to strike through every little item. 
but my very favorite task of today was making these little guys

these are for our send off after the wedding.
these sweet little carriers have a handful of rice for guests 
to throw as my lovie and i depart.

aren't they simply beautiful?
a little scrapbook paper. 
double sided tape.
a hole punch.



the saturday morning market
is a fall-time favorite activity of mine.

i love getting up early.
throwing a scarf around my neck.
pulling my hair up in a messy bun.
putting on my biggest sunglasses
{this allows me to go out without make-up on}
and grabbing a tea to go. 

strolling around the market.
with friends. or with my lovie.
seeing familiar faces..
basking in the sunshine.
sampling the all the foods.
enjoying the simple life of a lazy saturday morning. 

fresh baked goods.
these hearty loaves are begging to be dipped in some hot soup.

fresh pastas galore.
my favorite is not pictured, but it is divine.
butternut squash ravioli with cinnamon dusted pasta shells.
if that doesn't scream fall goodness, i don't know what does.

vibrant. organic. produce.

aromatic loose teas.

and lots of fall flowers.

when strolling the morning away,
i always like to be super comfy.
but being put together is still a must.

this is my idea of a perfect market outfit.
so simple. yet so chic.

great flats.
classic black.
loose scarf.
pencil pants.
killer bag.
and a handsome man.

the epitome of market style.

a little daydream.

i often dream of long days spent in paris.

i look up places i would go.
things i would see.
french treats i would eat.
art i would immerse myself in.
sounds i would get lost to.
streets i would stroll down.

it is always the loveliest daydream.
part romantic. part edgy. part rich. part rustic.

but today, my daydream is this.
it is pretty. it is sweet. it is cozy. it is warm.
won't you join me for an afternoon date at laduree

this darling little shop is just the prettiest thing. 

i am coveting this gold chandelier. 
it is perfectly rich looking.
le magnifique.

even the apron bows are lovely.
the perfect shade of ballet slipper pink.

laduree is world renowned for their macaroons.
aren't the colors simply stunning?
the raspberry pink is my favorite.

perfectly clean. perfectly chic. 

a beautiful plate adorned with pastel macaroons.
a piping hot latte with a dash of cinnamon.
a perfect treat to nibble on over hours of conversation and laughter.

french doors inviting one to sit in the sun room.

or sit awhile in those stunning black and white chairs.

hot lavender tea with honey.
on a silver platter.
on the perfect shade of mint green.

as if the rest wasn't lovely enough,
the packaging sends my heart into a fluttery frenzy.

today, in my daydreams, i am sitting in laduree
with my very best girlfriends. 

c'est si bon. 

{photos taken by shini park of park&cube}

those stripes

every fashionista knows about
the stripes.

the brown and white stripes that adorn everything bendel.
the stripes that just exude true new york fashion.

oh, henri bendel, how i love thee.

one of my greatest christmas time delights 
is spending hours, yes hours, 
shopping in the bendel store on fifth avenue. 
the moment i step in those big brass doors, i am like a kid in a candy store.
it is bliss. 
utter and complete bliss.

i was beyond thrilled to learn that come november 2011
international plaza will be opening a henri bendel store. 
just in time for christmas shopping. 
so, while i may not be on fifth ave,
i can still get my bendel fix in this season.

i was drooling over the bendel christmas catalog.
take a look at all this eye candy

here are some of my fave stocking stuffer ideas,
courtesy of mister bendel.

the brown & white strip french purse.
a classic. 

every gal needs bendel dominos. 
too stinkin cute.

the cafe' girl scarf. 
great around the neck.
even better hanging on a handbag.

brown & white iPad 2 case
i really love this little guy. santa can you hear me?!

darling mirror compact. 
perfect to toss in your bag for quick touch-ups.

bendel pup key chain. 

and my fave.
cashmere leopard slippers. 

all sorts of great little gifts for the bendel lovin' girls in your life. 
i will be sure to share photos of the brand spankin new store after the grand opening.

worth a thousand words

my lovie and i had our engagement pictures taken last week.
and i could not be more ecstatic about the turn out.
michael completely captured our little personalities.
sneak a peak at a few of my faves.

this makes me laugh.

can't you just tell i adore him?

and i think he adores me, too.

my little lovie and me. 

michael, i think you hung the moon.
both of you. 

camel craze

i am loving camel.
it is such a rich fall color.
chic. creamy. camel. 

epitome of street chic.
creams & camels.
perfect for a lunch date downtown.

classy. sassy.
transitional outfit. work to dinner.
black and white with a punch of camel.

head-to-toe camel perfection.
these chic boots are a must have on a blustery fall day.

camel and gold sequins. oh yes.
night on the town.
perfect mix of military meets glamour girl.

camel shorts. black menswear shoes.
retro sunglasses. 
perfect for simply strolling the streets.

flirty camel dress. with pleats.
obviously to twirl in.

layers of camel perfection.
and a most lovely handbag in tote.
{a statement piece that is completely necessary in every fashionistas closet}

... i'm suddenly craving a hot caramel latte.
extra whip & the works, please.

what is your most lust-worthy camel piece?


this is no trick, just treats.

it is 8:06 and i am tucked into bed.
my windows are open.
my blankets are piled high.
my tummy is full.
the kitchen is clean.
i have a hot fall classic orange spice tea in hand.
c'est si bon

it isn't often that i have things in order
to allow such an early crawl-in-the-bed time.
so i am very thankful for this evening. 

an evening to relax with my lovie.
cozy up in my jammies.
and slowly sip my extra hot tea. 

which reminds me.
you must hop on over to hooker tea company
and get some of this goodness for yourself. 
ask for a two ounce mix of 
fall classic & orange spice.
it is the perfect blend of spice.
and a touch of honey makes it twice as nice. 

it is hard to believe that halloween is just one little week away.
it has totally crept up on me. literally snuck up on me.
for being one who always jumps the gun on holiday fun,
i have been a total slacker in my october 31 prep.
no candy to fill my bowls.
no costume to prance around in.
not even a costume idea to fancy up.
and worst of all, 
no pumpkin.

thankfully, beach papery saved the day.
saved my entire halloween 2011 spirit.

i knew i needed a few little festive treats.
and i knew that ms. yun would have exactly the treats i needed.

like this darling pumpkin. 
the perfect bowl to hold all my candy.

and these hilarious wine glasses.
you will find me holding the one on the left.
drinking my witches brew.
love, love, love these.

i have always loved the idea of having a seasonal tree. 
just some simple twig branches, two feet or so, to adorn each season.
these ornaments are just too stinkin cute. 
i think one for each person in your family would be great.


this one just makes me laugh.

aren't these colors just the best?
the bold patterns & the glitter send it home for me.
i could see branches spray painted in a high-gloss black paint,
dripping with these pink, orange, and black baubles. 
hello, fashionable halloween.

i need to have this pumpkin door decor.
it is so great.
the structure. the colors. the size. 

and this little witchie.
is she not the cutest thing?!

she just looks like she is up to some no-good kinda fun.
this witch can be twisted and molded to go anywhere you would like. 
wrap her around a wine bottle.
set her around a vase.
hang her from a light fixture.
dangle her over your front door. 
she is the perfect little thing.
plus, for being a witchie woman, she is uber low maintenance. 
she will do whatever you want. 

i think of all the treats i saw at beach papery,
the dinner party decorations were my favorite. 

i was coveting these pumpkins. 

words. fail. to. express. how. cute.
these are the absolute perfect little pumpkins.
they can serve as place cards for arranged seating.
they can label various foods on a table.
they can be napkin holders.
they are my fave. 

i was drooling over these pretty little wreaths. 
wouldn't they be darling hanging on the back of each chair 
at a fall dinner party?!
to. die. for. 
do not let the picture deceive you,
they are only about 8- 10 inches big.
which means they are the perfect size for any chair back,
attached by a big, beautiful, black & white bow.
the perfect accessory for every dining room set.
oh, and ms. yun has several different wreath styles. 
while i adored this particular one, 
she also has twig&berry ones, too. 
she surely has one for every darling hostess. 

look at all that eye candy.

treats galore. 

like i said, the beach papery saved my halloween spirit. 
i walked away with more than i could have ever wished for. 

its not too late to go get your treats, too.

the beach papery is located at 
553 dr martin luther king junior street north
saint petersburg, florida 33701
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