the peanut butter to my jelly.

a piece of my heart will always be in nyc.
on sullivan street, to be exact.

the peanut butter & company,
i will forever love you from afar. 

i am a huge peanut butter lover. 
and i am not ashamed to admit that i eat it nearly everyday.
with a spoon. with an apple. with a banana. 
on cinnamon raisin toast. on pancakes. 
baked in a cookie. baked in a bar.
i could surely eat it by the jar.

however, i am convinced that there is no peanut butter more divine than

when i lived in ny in 2007
i had my very first bite of pb&co peanut butter.
crunch time. 
that extra crunchy spread sent me over the moon.
when i moved back to florida, i was certain i would have to find a runner up...
oh boy, was i wrong or what?!

little did i know that several of our local grocery stores carry peanut butter & company.
rollin' oats. the fresh market. whole foods. publix.

for the last few years i have cleaned out the peanut butter aisles to keep my pantry stocked. 
i have it down to a science.
if i want crunch time or smooth operator, i head to the fresh market.
if i want cinnamon raisin swirl, i swing by rollin' oats.
if i want white chocolate wonderful, publix is my store. 

how great is that?!

while those flavors are all top on my go-to list,
i was still dying to taste some of the other flavors that pb&co creates.
there are several delicious flavors that are just not found in my neck of the woods. 

the sweet, sweet people of peanut butter & company are so generous.
they have caught on to my love for their goods, and so they sent me two jars to taste out.
mighty maple & dark chocolate dreams.

they are oh-so-good. 
thank you peanut butter & company for sending some buttery love my way! 

i found it most appropriate to use my mighty maple in a new french toast recipe i found.
bobby flay's peanut butter and banana stuffed french toast.
oh. my. goodness. 

surely this recipe would be killer with crunch time or smooth operator,
but using the mighty maple sent this recipe home. 
and home again. 
mighty maple has the perfect hint of maple syrup,
but doesn't make it over-the-top sweet.

peanut butter & company makes all natural peanut butters.
but get this, no stirring or refrigeration needed.

i measured out all my ingredients in advance.
this way i could throw it all together right when my lovie walked in the door.
these graduated and stackable mixing bowls are the perfect way to make cooking prep look pretty.

sweet success! 

i just love both of the new flavors i was able to try.
and i will certainly be shopping online for more.
especially for these great little guys...

what a great & healthy snack to carry around!

so, go try some of my fave pb. 
i promise you will be forever devoted.

{c'est si bon was not compensated for this post. i was given a few jars of peanut butter to review. all opinions expressed are my own}

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