those stripes

every fashionista knows about
the stripes.

the brown and white stripes that adorn everything bendel.
the stripes that just exude true new york fashion.

oh, henri bendel, how i love thee.

one of my greatest christmas time delights 
is spending hours, yes hours, 
shopping in the bendel store on fifth avenue. 
the moment i step in those big brass doors, i am like a kid in a candy store.
it is bliss. 
utter and complete bliss.

i was beyond thrilled to learn that come november 2011
international plaza will be opening a henri bendel store. 
just in time for christmas shopping. 
so, while i may not be on fifth ave,
i can still get my bendel fix in this season.

i was drooling over the bendel christmas catalog.
take a look at all this eye candy

here are some of my fave stocking stuffer ideas,
courtesy of mister bendel.

the brown & white strip french purse.
a classic. 

every gal needs bendel dominos. 
too stinkin cute.

the cafe' girl scarf. 
great around the neck.
even better hanging on a handbag.

brown & white iPad 2 case
i really love this little guy. santa can you hear me?!

darling mirror compact. 
perfect to toss in your bag for quick touch-ups.

bendel pup key chain. 

and my fave.
cashmere leopard slippers. 

all sorts of great little gifts for the bendel lovin' girls in your life. 
i will be sure to share photos of the brand spankin new store after the grand opening.

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