camel craze

i am loving camel.
it is such a rich fall color.
chic. creamy. camel. 

epitome of street chic.
creams & camels.
perfect for a lunch date downtown.

classy. sassy.
transitional outfit. work to dinner.
black and white with a punch of camel.

head-to-toe camel perfection.
these chic boots are a must have on a blustery fall day.

camel and gold sequins. oh yes.
night on the town.
perfect mix of military meets glamour girl.

camel shorts. black menswear shoes.
retro sunglasses. 
perfect for simply strolling the streets.

flirty camel dress. with pleats.
obviously to twirl in.

layers of camel perfection.
and a most lovely handbag in tote.
{a statement piece that is completely necessary in every fashionistas closet}

... i'm suddenly craving a hot caramel latte.
extra whip & the works, please.

what is your most lust-worthy camel piece?


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