i caught wind...

i caught wind that a very special man
was visiting a very special boutique here in town.

and being that this very special boutique happens to be one of my
fave places, and this man happens to be one of my all-time fave jewelry designers,
i knew this girl wasn't going to miss this date with fashion. 

john wind visits marion's. 
the perfect combination.

if you have not been to marion's, you must make a visit 
top on your priority list. 
it is truly the most darling boutique ever.
great jewels, great clothes, great gifts.

every single time i pop into marion's, 
i have about 10 new items on my 
need list.
i can promise you, you will ditch the wish list
when you step foot in the door.
you will quickly create a neeeeeed list.

marion has a great eye for great product.
great product that is special and unique to her store. 
allow me to introduce exhibit a,
john wind.

i knew i loved jw the moment i laid eyes on his jewelry,
but i love him even more after today.
he is friendly, warm, engaging.
a true gentleman.

jw has a passion for vintage jewels.
he finds great pieces and modernizes them perfectly.
a dash of old hollywood glamour meets everyday chic.

i love pearls.
i will wear them with anything and everything.
i especially love the chunkiness of the baubles on the left.
that makes such a statement. 

these necklaces would be bold with a simple tee and jeans.

i adore this necklace. 
the gold, the bold, i'm sold.
it is hard to see in this picture, 
but inside these baubles
is lucite. 
the perfect modern addition. 

another great statement necklace.
i love how big the pearls are, yet they are light as can be.
the detail on the gold leaves sent it home for me.

this necklace should be a staple in every girls wardrobe.
charms, pearls, rhinestones, and the like can all be added on to 
define your personality.

are these evening bags not the most glamorous things you have ever seen?
and to make them even more covet-able,
get this...
jw found the vintage designer who sold these bags decades ago.
and here is the kicker,
they share the same name.
how great is that?
so, jw embellishes these genuinely vintage bags with brooches and jewels.
i like to think of it as john wind with the volume turned up.

this sparkly bow necklace has my name all over it.
it is everything i adore.
i am over the moon.

this is the jewelry genius himself.
he epitomizes good style. look at that jacket!

my jw bracelets are a go-to for me.
no matter what i wear, they bump up the chic factor.
i wear as many as i can at one time...
and i always get compliments. 

pop into marion's and stock up on these great jewels. 
i love how they reflect each girls personality.
his pieces make great gifts, too!

thanks, jw.
you make the world a prettier place.


  1. WOW! Kristen, this is such a beautiful post! Thank you so much... and it was a pleasure meeting you too... Maximally, John

  2. this is lovely. ~xoxo

  3. Gorgeous!!! Found your blog on the John Wind/Maximal Art facebook page, it's wonderful!


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