this takes the cake

i find any excuse to bake treats.
it could be for my lovie.
{never mind the fact that he never eats sweets}
it could be for a sweet friend.
it could be simply for the joy of making something pretty.
it could be for no real reason at all.

but today,
it is a very special day.
a very special birthday.

mr. wilkerson has been a long time family friend, 
and has become so very dear to my hubby-to-be and me.
not only is mr. wilkerson leading us through premarital counseling,
he is also officiating our wedding. 
what a blessing.

a little birdie told me that his all-time fave sweet treat is coconut cake.
fancy, i have just the little recipe for this sweet birthday boy.

i consider myself to be friends with ina garten.
yep. ina and i are friends. 
i mean, i see her almost everyday...
on my DVR.

i happen to love every single recipe the barefoot contessa has ever created.  
that being said, mr. wilkerson will get some ina garten coconut cuppiecakes for his birthday treat.

i am completely devoted to this recipe.
it is an all-time fave of mine.
the divine taste & texture proves flawless over and again.
this recipe surely
takes the cake.

a little mixing.

a little folding.

a little spooning. 
and voila! 
pop those babies in the oven.

a little frosting.

a little sprinkling.

a whole lotta birthday love.

this recipe truly is a keeper. 
i have turned many a coconut critics into believers.
the coconut is subtle, but oh-so-oh-so-oh-so-good.

and here's a little secret.
just keep it between you & me.
add an extra dash of almond extract.
it brings unreal flavor and depth to the cake.

check out the full recipe here

1 comment:

  1. These look tasty but I'd love to have the recipe for the dulce de leche cake you brought in to your class when Jackson was in there. Any chance you have that handy?


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