day one. way fun.

i certainly am blessed beyond measure.
there is no denying it.
i truly have 
the worlds greatest girlfriends.

i just returned from my bachelorette weekend.
i was blown away at all the love & energy put into making 
my special getaway such a memorable one.

the time. the planning. the creativity.
the friends. the family. the mother-in-law-to-be.
the surprises. the silliness.
the tears. the giggles. the hugs.
it equates to nothing short of perfection. 
perfect company.
perfect events.
perfect everything.

my maid of honor, best-friend-since-brownies hilly, planned such a great weekend.
everything i love was incorporated into the trip.

it was only appropriate that stop number one was to french bakery
c'est la vie.

we enjoyed a long and delicious lunch sitting outside.
bacon wrapped goat cheese with toasted apples over mixed greens? 
yes, please!
c'est si bon, c'est si bon.

after lunch we skipped over to our resort.
the afternoon was spent relaxing pool-side.

it doesn't get much better than that.
sun. pool. friends. laughter. 

friday night may or may not have been my favorite part of the weekend.
we stayed in for the night. 
cooking. eating. toasting. laughing. cheers-ing. crying {tears of joy}. 

a lot of laughter. 

sweet words shared by sweet friends. 

tears of joy were shed by all. 

toasting to a blessed life.
rich with friendship. family. love.
and the start of a beautiful marriage.

everyone knows, a party just isn't a party without some dancin'.
and oh man! there was a whole lotta dancin'

our little russian dancers mastered the high kicks.

shake your groove thing. shake your groove thing. ya. ya. 

we danced until the wee hours of the morning...
boy was it fun(ny)!

... and this is only day one.

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