sunday afternoon checklist

i know i have shared this before.
but every sunday,
this thought is always confirmed.

i just love sundays.

a day with family. a day of relaxing. a day of getting off the week to a fresh start.
what is not to love?!

if you are anything like me, 
you will appreciate this post very much. 

i am not a morning person.
never was. never will be. never want to be.
i happen to love sleeping in. 
nothing outrageous. maybe 9. maybe 9:30. 
that feels good to me. 

so you can imagine, 
on a work day, my morning routine is a whirlwind.
alarm goes off at 6:30, and then finally by 7:15 i leap out of bed.
throw together an outfit, scramble for some bobby pins, 
and search all my purses for the keys. 

no breakfast. no morning coffee. no packed lunch. no good.

i go to bed with every intention of waking up without pushing snooze,
it just doesn't happen for me. 
somehow, i have trained myself to ignore my alarm clock until the very last minute.
then i force myself to be out the door at 7:30 on the dot.
{i have timed it out. leaving at 7:30 sharp gives me exactly enough time to grab my medium diet coke and make it to school by 7:45. but only if there is a short line}

needless to say, my mornings are frantic. 
and i know that is not how mornings should be.
even early mornings should be enjoyable. 

i have recently adapted a sunday afternoon checklist.
this little list makes my life {and my mornings} so much easier. 
it allows me to prepare for the week before the rush starts.

i go to the grocery store. 
i put away all of my groceries.
i wash all my fruits and veg.
i keep my fruits in a pretty lime green colander at the front of the fridge.
this makes them a beautiful & easy go-to snack.
see for yourself. 

i cut and marinate my raw veg.
again, a pretty & easy snack.

keeping these front and center in the fridge is a great way to ensure you grab
 a healthy snack when you come home starving after a long day of work. 

i also plan out my lunches for the week. 
mind you, i spend my days with first graders, so i am surrounded by 
animal crackers, cookies, chips, and everything else that i should not have for lunch. 
if i do not bring a lunch,
i will snack all day long. 

this week i am packing egg salad.
flax chips. a snack bar. and an apple with peanut butter. 

these sammi's bakery mille&flax chips are a staple in my pantry. 
they are delicious.
they are super healthy.
and they are local. 

the plain chips are great with hummus, pesto, and even just plain.
but here is the real kicker...
sammi also makes cinnamon millet&flax chips.
i love sammi for this. 
i literally eat a bag in one sitting. 

you can find these little treats at rollin' oats or natures finest. 
i promise you will be hooked. 
it is definitely my go-to snack. 
i keep a bag in my purse. a bag in my desk at work. and 2 bags in my pantry at all times. 

knowing that my lunch is planned out and packed together
makes my morning routine that much easier. 
and my days much healthier. 

i have also started planning out my outfits on sunday afternoons. 
this makes getting ready a breeze.
each outfit planned. shoes, too. 

i am all ready for my work week to start.
i welcome monday with open arms,
adorned with carefully selected bangles and jewels.

maybe now i can even sleep till 7:20?

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  1. You are so smart! You'd think after frantically dashing out of my front door at 8:09 every morning (yes, I've got it down to the minute!) I'd take the proactive approach and start planning a little better. Sundays are the perfect day for setting up everything for the week. You've inspired me! :)


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