pumpkin seeds & jewel toned tweeds

in my book, fall is upon us.
i find every reason possible to celebrate everything fall during the first weekend in september. 

i drink my very first pumpkin spice latte of the season.
i put away all of my summer home decor.
i bring out the boxes of fall home decor. 
i scour the pottery barn fall catalog for ideas.
i make a list of hearty fall recipes to try.
i watch movies with lovely fall scenes.
{think when harry met sally. you've got mail.}
and i swap out my summer wardrobe and replace it with my fall wardrobe. 

all the while, pumpkin&cinnamon candles are burning.
and the sound track to julie&julia is playing. 

fall may or may not be my favorite time of all. 
i just love the food. the fashion. the colors. the crisp coolness. the scents. the spice.
i fall in love with fall every year.

my lovie helped me welcome fall by surprising me with my very first pumpkin spice latte.
he has witnessed first hand how patiently (read: impatiently) i have waited 
for them to make their great introduction in 2011.
so, in true lovie style, he showed up this morning with a piping hot latte 
with the works.

a dash of cinnamon.
a sprinkle of nutmeg.
a pinch of vanilla. 

my first pumpkin spice latte was perfection.
thanks, lovie. i sure do love you. a latte. 

i spent the morning saying so long to summer. 
the coral, the crisp whites, the shells.
the turquoise pillows.
it all gets tucked away.

i am like a child on christmas morning when i start taking out each new seasons decor. 
this is the beauty that comes from tucking away seasonal things. 
i completely forget about them. 
so when i open the box and see them the following year, they feel brand spankin new. 
{this holds true for home decor, clothes, and the like}
its a little trick i like to play on myself. 
and it works.

out come the little pottery barn acorns. they are so tiny. i adore everything tiny. 
out come the fall foliage garlands. 
the pumpkin orange, the golden yellows, the mossy greens.
out comes everything fall.
check it out. 

i put together my decor for the great room. 
i started by putting all my tiny acorns and pine cones in glass.

i grabbed five little mason jars and put votives inside. 
to add a little rustic flare, i tied raffia around the tops of the jars.

i placed my garlands around the glass and mason jars. 

i placed all of the items in this great big seagrass basket.
i just adore the texture of this basket. it is chunky, and big, and perfectly fall.
i would love to load up a picnic and some books in this guy.
it would be the perfect picnic basket. 

don't you just love the handles?
everything about this basket makes me happy. 
the size. the color. perfection.

this is the finished project. 
i placed my mason jars on a silver platter. 
{every girl should always have her silver on display}
don't you just want to jump into a big pile of those lovely leaves? 

this is where my pretty little fall basket sits. 
it brings a lot of warmth & fall flavor to my living room.

while unpacking my fall goodies,
i stumbled upon a sad little garland that has just been loved to pieces. 
at one time, this garland was overflowing with fall foliage, pumpkins, and gourds.
but this morning, it just looked tired. 
instead of tossing it, i decided i could use the pieces to decorate.
take a look. 

i used the single sunflowers, gourds, and berries to fill my PB box.
i am still on the hunt for more additions to this piece, 
but i thought this was the perfect starting point. 

this is where i used the old garland. 
after i removed the pumpkins, flowers, gourds, and etc.
i entwined the garland along this table. 
i tossed in a few ceramic pumpkins and {plastic} gourds.
an instant fall harvest. 

the tiny pumpkins and gourds in these pictures were taken off of the old, tired garland.
it was so fun to be able to make use of them again.

i just love the way the fall colors pop against my black and white gallery wall. 

this afternoon and evening is dedicated to my wardrobe.
this may be silly, because i do live in the sunshine state,
but i am a firm believer that every girl should 
dress for the season and not the weather.
this is a rule i try to live by.
inspired by my mother, the ultimate fashion guru.

it may be 95 and sunny in a florida september, but you better believe 
i will be wearing my flat, over the knee, cognac riding boots
and wrapping a leopard print scarf around my neck. 

this is fall. this is fashion. 

packing up all the whites- with the exception of winter whites.
boxing up the summer shoes and flowy, summer tops.

letting my wardrobe transform into 
black, brown, and camel.
with a slight touch of jewel tones. 

emerald, ruby, & eggplant shoes.
suede vests. denim. leather boots. animal print. velvet.
fur. equestrian chic. monochromatic. scarves. bordeaux patent handbags. 
skinny jeans. black ballet flats. turtlenecks. gold, chunky jewels.
bring it on. 

hope you are enjoying the start of fall as much as i am.
if you need me, i will be in my closet. 

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