i am so excited i can hardly stand it.
tomorrow is the start of my bachelorette weekend.
yahoo. yippee. yahooie.

this is a weekend to celebrate not only my upcoming wedding,
but also the sweet, sweet blessing of girlfriends.

i may be bias, but i simply have the best girlfriends.
two best friend cousins.
a best friend since yellow dot.
a best friend since brownies.
a few best friends from high school.
and a few new best friends from recent years.

i am forever grateful for each one of them.

each one is different from the next, but each one is equally as precious to me. 

these friends bless me daily.
in them i have
a secret keeper. a truth teller. a risk-taker.
the one that makes me laugh & laughs with me.
the one that cries with me.
the one that celebrates with me.
the one that i trust with every ounce of me.
the one that is always loyal.
a role model. an encourager. 
a prayer warrior.
a dance partner. a shopping partner.
the one that has faith in me.
the one that is always honest with me.

here is to each of you, my friends. 
you make my life so special.

my maid of honor picks me up at 9:30 tomorrow morning.
i will be back on sunday.
i cannot wait to share all the fun with you.
in the meantime, 
enjoy some of my fave black&whites. 
they just exude friendship.

photos courtesy of
erineverafter. persia in pyjamas. feel all the shades. matchbookmag.

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