day two. coo coo cachoo.

i thought day one was great.
but day two was the best to date.

the second day of my bachelorette weekend was just plain ol' fun.

by the end of the night my cheeks hurt from laughing so much.
my feet hurt from dancing too much.
my little heart was overflowing with happiness.
{which one can never have too much of}

our lazy day on the beach was full of
laughter & chatter.
true girl style.

these were moments that i wouldn't ever trade back.
not for the world. 

saturday night on the town.
a fave of all my past memories.
and this was our chance to do it all over again.

getting ready together with my besties.
music playing way too loud. singing along. putting on makeup. changing outfits.

... getting ready to celebrate.

meet hill. my best friend. my maid of honor.

this is kelly. my little new yorker. she's got edge.

told you. 
who else can pull off a tuxedo jumpsuit?
my little groomie for the night.

i went in for the smooch.
she wouldn't have anything to do with it.

hill planned a great bachelorette night out.
but first, we played games.
way fun games.
my lovies answers made the girls laugh 
and cry 
tears of joy.
he couldn't be any sweeter.
i am the luckiest.

i just adore all of you girls.
i couldn't possibly love you any more than i already do.

you all bless my life.
thank you for making my weekend so special. 

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