a view from the front row.


my mom and i spent the day indulging ourselves in the fall fashions.
with a little tim gunn on the side.

yep, thats right.
allow me to introduce you to my new friend.
my new friend, tim gunn.

isn't he just dapper?

get this. 
my sweet friends at kate spade new york surprised me with 
two vip tickets to the tim gunn fashion show at international plaza.
i am not quite sure what i did to deserve such a gift, but i am so grateful!
thank you, thank you, thank you kate spade!

my mom and i certainly got the royal treatment today.
upon check in, we were given a gift bag with tim's new book.
autograph and all.
{and yes, we are on a first name basis. but we will get to that in a bit}

we were then escorted to our seats.
our front & center seats.

how sweet is this view?

i have to admit, 
i felt a bit like olivia palermo. 
well, i guess i just wanted to be like olivia palermo.
she is the ultimate fashionista.
hey, a girl can dream. 

after great anticipation, the show started.
the energy was sky high.
it really made me miss living in new york city.
working in personal shopping at bergdorf goodman.
fashion will always have a huge place in this girls heart.
{i'll just say sorry for the bills in advance, lovie}

tim was so great at giving helpful fashion hints. 
he gave secrets on proportion, body types, and transitional pieces.
he truly understands that not all fashions look good on every body.
but boy does he know how to make it work one way or another. 

as each model sashayed down the runway, 
he would give tips on how to achieve the look for various body types.
he was brilliant.

i was simply dying over some of these little get-ups. 
take a peak and let me know which ones you love.

this pink number. 
i love everything about this coat. 
the length of the sleeve. the oversized cuffs. the buttons. the bow collar. 
love. love. love. 

i am loving the monochromatic gray-on-gray.
i would love to wear this hat. 
really, i would. 
these pants are new at kate spade. 
and i am pretty sure they belong in my closet. 

these shoes were the bees knees. 
who doesn't love fluffy puffies on their pointy toe heels?!
{ps those are timmy's little shoes on the left}

this polka dot dress was just so stinkin flirty. 
take a closer look at that pop of color. 

this is kind of hard to see. 
but just trust me on this one.
the sweater is camel and black. thick, bold stripes.
and the camel jacket is adorned with the most perfect buttons.

i love the edgy over-the-knee boots,
i would wear opaque leggings, too. 

i am seriously coveting this cape. 
i have been coveting it for a few weeks now. 
everything is right.
the angles. the colors. and again, the buttons.
this paired with black riding pants and over-the-knee-boots
would send it home for me!

the jillian dress at kate spade has always been a fave of mine.
i just love the feminine fit. and the big bow at the waist.
it comes in all colors and prints, depending on the season.

i was surprised to see so much pink in this fashion show,
but i was actually quite fond of the pop of color when worn with black. 

after the show, tim opened the floor for questions.

this was his co-host leah. she was adorable.
and her kate spade lbd was just as adorable.

of course, i just had to ask him a question.
but what was the perfect question to ask the perfect style advisor?

"thank you so much for hosting this show. this has been such a treat. i was hoping you could give me some advice. i have a great fall bag. its Bordeaux. burgundy. i always feel the need to wear denim or black when carrying this bag... could you give me some other options? jewel tones?"

"oh, yes. jewel tones. in fact, what you have on now would look nice......
you look like you already know what you are doing."

be still my heart.
i am pretty sure i just got a compliment from the tim gunn.

"well, thank you. thank you."

i was just over the moon. 
i love fashion and i always try to look my best.
i was so humbled to get the ultimate compliment from tim.
it made my day. 

to make this day even sweeter, 
we were able to get a picture taken with tim. 
we spoke to him for a few minutes and i was blown away at how kind he was.
he was gentle, holding my hand the entire time we spoke.
he looked me in the eye the whole conversation.
he asked me my name, and my moms name.

i have a new found respect for tim. 
he is genuinely sweet.

i am looking forward to reading his book. 
before the show started i had a moment to skim the first few pages.
much of what he talks about is treating others with kindness and respect.
what a great mean.

i love a man with great fashion.
but i love a man with great fashion and a great heart even more. 

tim gunn, you have a new fan!

me, tim, mom
friends forever.

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