a french love affair

i have two great loves in life.
my lovie, michael.
and everything french.

french toast. french kisses. french fries. 
french bread. french le creuset. french skillets. 
french music. french movies. french kisses. french books.
french press. french roast. french doors. french decor. french fashion.
french kisses. french art. french designers. french horns. 
oh, and french kisses.
frenchie. frenchie. frenchie. 

whatever it is, if it is french, 

i fell in love with france six years ago.
my family of six took the most wonderful trip to europe. 
and that summer, i left a piece of my heart in france. 
the lights. the romance. the femininity.
i couldn't get enough of it.

ever since then,
i have dreamt of roaming the streets of paris.
chocolate croissant & vanilla latte in hand.
locked arms with my greatest love.
dressed to the nines.
speaking the lusty french language. 

i have dreamt of spending hours in the louvre.
sitting under black and white striped awnings at the french cafes.
strolling in the misty drizzle. 
rosy cheeks. rosy lips.
hair swept up in a messy bun.

looking chic in this little get-up...

and after that most lovely afternoon, 
i would then primp for our night in the city of lights. 
i would likely wear something like this...

or possibly this flirty little number.

this reminds me of the most loveliest of all lovely ladies,
audrey hepburn.
she said it perfectly. simply. 
"paris is always a good idea."

i have a longing to be able to speak french.
to be able to surprise friends with this hidden talent. 
jackie o style. 
{quite possibly another love in my life}

i keep promising myself, and my equally french-loving-dad, that i will learn.
and i really think i will. 
really, i do. 

until then, or until i visit the streets of paris again,
i will continue to enjoy the local & simple delights of everything french.

if you are a frenchie lover like me, 
here are some of my favorites.
indulge yourself.

cassis. chocolate croissants. croque madame. nicoise salad. the darling philippe
beau rivage. the soundtrack to somethings gotta give. christian louboutin shoes. the movie   a good year. the movie its complicated. the soundtrack to julie&julia. coralie clement. louis vuitton. kate spade style. restoration hardware. hermes. french cooking. lavender candles. lavender vanilla and peppermint tea. polished silver. chanel make up. yves saint laurent handbags. the name eloise. opi you dont know jacques

try them all.
i promise you, c'est si bon. 

*photography courtesy of harpers bazaar. thepursuitaesthetic. megsplorations.

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