the halloweenie spirit.

it is hard to believe that tomorrow is october first.
this year is just flying by for me. 

and with october upon us. 
i am on the hunt for the most darling halloween decor.
getting in my happiest of halloween spirits.

i am totally a big baby when it comes to halloween.
i. do. not. like. spooky. &. scary. no. i. most. certainly. do. not.
i happen to only like jolly pumpkins. & the friendliest of ghosts.
terribly silly little monsters. & oversized candy corns.
the happiest of hauntings. if you will. 

thankfully. beach papery & gifts offers the 
perfect mix of spooky & silliness.
the most adorable of all halloweenie things to adorn our home.

this table is just so stinkin spooky in the cutest of ways.
loving this darling black glittered tree to hang halloweenie friends from.

like little mister frankenstein.
how cute is he?!

and little miss battie. 
adore her glittered wings.

to enter if you dare.
a welcoming wreath to adorn your door.

all treats & no tricks in this candy jar.
{although. this witchy women would likely not share}

how stinkin cute is this jolly little pumpkin?!
i just love him & his big friendly smile.
not to mention. this lit-up haunted house behind him.
so. perfectly. fun. 

pumpkins galore in this great halloweenie display.
it is too hard to pick out my fave. 
each one is just more darling than the next.

a friendly little ghostie 
wishes the happiest of hauntings.

& this just cracks me up.
witch legs to pop out from under your door mat.
how funny is that? 

i love this natural mantle display.
the pumpkins & sprouting greens are too cute.
this is perfect for a more subtle halloweenie decorator.

just about died when i saw this.
witchy leggings to cover your dining room leg tables.
how terribly clever is this?! 
i am certain the kiddos would love this idea! 

another darling option for the minimalist.
these mercury glass pumpkins & acorn branches 
would bring the halloween spirit to any home.
i love how simplistic & earthy this looks.

now. if i ever had a little girlie girl.
she would certainly be carrying one all of these purses.
a witch. a pumpkin. a candy corn. whatever she fancies.
the perfect little halloweenie purse for your perfect little punkin.

the jolliest of all pumpkins.
these pumpkins would look so cute on a front stoop.
i just love their little witchy hats.

and quite possibly my all-time fave in the entire store.
i am just swooning over this hot pink. bright orange. & black bauble garland.
how impossibly cute would these be draped upon on mantle?

don't you just love the saturated colors?
they are so vibrant!

with the most adorable matching ornaments for hanging.
loving the bold stripes. polka dots. & checker board prints.

friendly ghosts to hang on your doors.
this set of three. in different sizes. would look just adorable.

do you see why i am having such a terribly hard time picking out the pieces i want?
each & every one is so unbelievably cute. i just want them all.

now. to get everyone in to the halloweenie spirit.
c'est si bon is going to {g}host a little game.

i want to see how you would decorate your home for halloween.
follow these little steps to enter into our spooky little giveway.

1. post a picture on the c'est si bon facebook page. showing your fave halloween decor.
{you may choose pictures from this blog. pinterest. or anywhere else you find}
2. encourage all your friends to vote on your picture by "liking" it.
3. for every single "like" your picture receives. your name will be entered into the drawing.

{you may post as many pictures as you would like. just really spread the word to get as many "likes" as you possibly can. post on your facebook wall. tweet it. email. etc}

winner will receive a 50 dollar gift card to starbucks for pumpkin spice lattes.
one large bag of candy corn. one halloween dish towel. & a super cute surprise decor item.
{all of my favorite halloweenie treats & goodies}

this game will start today & end on october 15th.
so get to work & spread the word.
ready. go!

oh. and just had to introduce you to the sweetest little devil.
the darling yun stanton. owner of beach papery & gifts. 
be sure to swing into the store for a peak at all the halloween decor.
or if you are not local. but see something you like on this post. 
she will surely ship. give her a ring. 

happy hauntings. my little halloweenie friends. 

polka-dots and peplum

Hi lovelies, I'm Jenee your guest blogger from {camo meets couture}.
Kristen has kindly let me take over her blog today to share with you some thoughts on the art of getting dressed (if there were such a thing).

When it comes to creating outfits, I love building around a key piece. Whether it's a classic LBD, plain white tee or in this case a fabulous pair of polka-dot pants. Once you know which particular item you'd like to wear, the rest is a simple case of mix and match with a little accessorizing thrown in. 

My favorite outfits all tend to have some form of contrast. For instance, pairing a great little dress under an oversize blazer or skinny leather pants with a chunky knit sweater. Casual pieces look great paired with corporate wear, think baseball tees with pencil skirts. 

These polka-dot pants are the perfect blend of feminine print with masculine form. In keeping with the 'borrowed from the boys' approach, I paired the pants with a classic button down, cardigan and large structured tote (great alternative to the briefcase). While the oxford shirt is a nod to classic menswear, the peplum cardigan keeps things looking fun and flirty. Add to that a few undone buttons, messy hair, bright lipstick and killer heels for an ultra feminine take on menswear inspired style. 

And in true C'est si bon style, a gold bow to complete the look. 
Thanks for having me Kristen, and thanks for reading!

xx Jenee C.
{camo meets couture}

luella & june.

have you met my friend bradley?
if not. allow me the pleasure of introducing you.
lovelies meet bradley.
the terribly cute & magnificently styled gal behind luella & june.
{one of my all-time fave & daily read blogs}
when i first started c'est si bon.
one short little year ago.
i was a little baby blogger with wide eyes.
& so i looked to other bloggers for inspiration & guidance.
i immediately knew that i wanted to grow up to be just like bradley.
she was real. she was approachable. & let's be honest. she is just stinkin cute.
reading her words made me feel as if we were old besties.
long time forever friends just chatting about the important things in life.
oh you know. like...
fashion. runways. new collections. home decor. pretty things.
girl has got style to boot.
and so i reached out to her.
naturally. she reciprocated with an abundance of
kindness. warmth. & sincerity.
i think she might be one of the sweetest gals in the biz.
& despite being terribly. overwhelmingly. busy with
luella & june. fashion events. and the like.
she still continues to take the time to email with me.
& i even scored a little interview.
just to share with you.
get to know my sweet friend.
miss bradley agather.
fashion maven. creativity enthusiast. & lover of life.
i am a born & bred texan.
i attended school in dallas & then moved to austin to attend the university of texas.
after graduation i moved to new york city for a brief spell.
then i returned to dallas to work for fossil.
i was the concept designer at fossil for two and a half years.
but now.
there are a lot of new and exciting things happening in my life.
i recently took on a new and fun career.
i am the fashion editor at the dallas morning news & fd luxe.
oh and. i got engaged!
on top of my new job.
i am also a full time blogger.
i started luella & june three years ago.
it was just my after work creative outlet. just plain old fun.
i never imagined it would turn into a full time job.
let alone  one of my greatest passions.
i have always loved fashion. for as long as i can remember.
if i had to describe my sense of style in three words:
classic. feminie. with a bit of edge.
i would love to collab with proenza schouler.
that would be my dream designer collaboration.
i look to taylor tomasi hill for style influence.
she would definitely be my style icon.
oh. and the coveter is my go-to blog.
absolutely my number one read.
if i'm not working on luella & june.
you can find me on the tennis court. traveling to west texas.
planning my wedding. or vintage shopping in austin.
likely i am spending time with my fiance. family. friends.
enjoying great restaurants & shops.
there are just a million things i love about dallas.
and. bradley. there are just a million things we love about you.
thank you for inviting us into your pretty little world for a bit.
you lead such a terrificly cool life.
lovelies. be sure to check out luella & june.
it is most certainly going to be one of your new daily reads.

well, hello fall treats.

like so many of you.
i wait for the fall season to greet me each year.
simply for the sincere joy of over-indulging in pumpkin goodness.
{i may or may not have already had three pumpkin spice lattes this season}
i just savor the spicy scents. tastes. warmth. that fall always promises to bring.

so tonight i treat you to the first of many fave autumnal treats to come. 

now. i totally blame one of my besties for this little treat tonight.
i give all of you permission to totally indulge in this treat & blame her for it. too.
she made us do it.
big. bad. treat. eating. bestie.

we went walking yesterday in the not-so-crisp-florida-fall-evening-air.
& spent a good part of our time chatting about pumpkin treats.
pumpkin milkshakes & pumpkin lattes.
pumpkin bars & pumpkin cookies.
pumpkin anything & pumpkin everything. 
oh. and the twelve cookies she indulged in the night prior.

i don't know about you.
but if someone else is bad on their healthy eating plan.
that gives me total & uninhibited permission to be even worse.
{i tend to be a one-upper on treat eating skills}
hence. my evening was spent baking. eating. & enjoying these
pumpkin & white chocolate chunk cookies. 
best. bad. decision. ever. 

these cookies are just a breeze to bake.
the perfect mix of pumpkin & white chocolate. 
not too sweet. & terrificly cake-like.
{so crispy-cookie-lovers steer clear}
these are crumbly. soft. & just downright delish.
simply divine & totally lovie approved. 

and what is best.
you likely have all of these ingredients in your pantry right now.
late night cookie party? i won't judge you. 

grab your pencils. ladies. you will want to write this down.

2 1/4 cup flour {gluten free if you wish}
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp cinnamon {i added a bit more}
2 tsp pumpkin pie spice
1/2 tsp salt

mix all dry ingredients in a bowl & set aside.

1/2 cup butter
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup brown sugar {packed}

cream butter & sugar.
then slowly add in dry mixture.
then add the following.

1 can pumpkin
1 large egg
1 tsp vanilla {i added a bit more}
2 cups white choc chunks {naturally. i added a bit more}

using an ice cream scoop. 
scoop heaping spoonfuls of cookie dough onto 
a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. 

bake for 12 little minutes in a piping hot oven set at 350.

the quickest & sweetest way to welcome fall into your homes.

{image & recipe courtesy of a few shortcuts.

spa giveaway winner.

congrats to one very lovely little lady.
mrs. sarah weaver...
you are the lucky winner of the massage & facial.

email me at 
for more details on your spa experience. 

i hope it is more relaxing & rejuvenating than you ever thought possible.
thank you oh so much for being a c'est si bon reader. 

emerson fry. fall collection.

i am totally drooling over the emerson fry fall collection.
it is just so terribly chic. in the most simplistic of all manners.
it just screams street chic style. 
& i am quite confident that i need every. single. piece. in the collection.
but if i had to choose just three. it would certainly be these pretties.

animal print perfection. subtle & dramatic all at once.
this pretty little leopard wingtip coat belongs over my shoulders.

a classic herringbone dress.
impossibly timeless.
paired with a black turtleneck & leopard pumps.
elegant to boot. 

and this faux fur collar. 
smashing. just smashing. 

late night online shopping begins in mere minutes.
{after lovie has fallen asleep}
emerson fry. you sure do know how to make a girl look good.

oscar de la renta. spring 2013.

i have a larger than life love affair with the designs of
mister oscar de la renta. 

it began when i was working in personal shopping at bergdorf goodman.
{so many stories that i must share about that job}
i would spend hours just walking through the oscar boutique.
feeling the textures. marveling at the silhouettes. coveting each & every piece.
simply mesmerized by his impeccable sense of style. 
terrificly luxe. tremendously opulent. & terribly chic. 

he was my kind of man: elegant. distinguished. & regal. 
something tells me that oscar and i would be greatest of camarades

when new york fashion week was about to happen.
i was on pins & needles waiting to see the glorious oscar de la renta collection.
and. per usual. he out did himself again.
the collection is one of his best yet.
with an abundance of texture. & an exuberance of style. 

the texture in this blouse is just heavenly.
and the necklace is simply magnificent.
would just love to don this look.

this is so ladylike. 
the epitome of femininity.
channeling grace kelly.

this has my name written all over it.
how impossibly chic is this?
every. little. bit. of. it. screams. class.

loving this pattern mixing & pop of bold color.
so smart. so chic. so perfect.

visit to enjoy the entire oscar de la renta spring 2013 collection
it is so overwhelmingly beautiful. you will simply not believe your eyes.

oh. oscar. how i adore thee.

{images courtesy of vogue}

an inspiring life.

i love hearing about lives that live to inspire.
lives that challenge you down to the very core to grab life & run with it.
stimulating every fiber within your being. promoting emotions & conquests.
& encourage you to take charge. to live life to its absolute fullest. 

allison massari is certainly an example of an inspiring life.
her story is one of overcoming fear. replacing it with passion & ebullience.
taking unfortunate circumstances & weaving them into a beautiful tapestry.
rising up. only to help others reach such a tremendous level of
peace. joy. excitement. & true. organic triumph. 

what. an. inspiration. she. is. 

allison's life story is one worth reading.
& her artwork is beyond worth studying.
she is truly a miraculous & talented lady.  

i have the privilege of being girlfriends {& new neighbors} with her darling sister.
when stephanie asked me to help spread awareness about massari i was beyond honored.
i am thrilled to be able to share the story of allison with all of you.
as i know you will be touched in the very deepest of ways. 
so. please take a moment to read her life story
you will truly be inspired. 

i have admired allison's artwork for a long time now.
appreciating to the fullest the beautiful mind that is behind the works.
take a peak at some of my faves. 
they are impossibly dramatic & terrificly abstract.

the queen of hearts in blushing red.
can't you just feel the passion in this piece of art?

the midnight portrait.
this just exudes emotions.

this is brilliant.
wear your fave piece of art around your neck with allison's necklaces.
how fun is that?!

allison also does sculptures, too.
how is one lady so terribly talented?!

if you live in the area... we are totally spoiled.
as allison has a permanent collection at the museum of fine arts in downtown st. pete.
if you are not in the area... definitely scout around on her site to see all of her works. 
you will be completely blown away at the amount of talent this lady has.

i am feeling totally inspired today.
inspired to live this beautiful life to it's fullest.
thank you. allison. for your wonderful example & your contagious spirit. 

outfit obsession.

you all know how much i adore olivia palermo.
and this is just another reason why.

girlfriend nailed her street style look at new york fashion week.
i love everything about this look. from top to bottom. outfit perfection. 

liv's looking perfectly polished with her pretty bun.
artsy black & white dress. lucite clutch. & leopard print flats.
i am certain that i need to own this dvf dress & shoes.
doesn't it just look like my style?! 

dying to go shopping in olivia's closet. 
wouldn't it be just amazing?!

{image courtesy of the olivia palermo blog}
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