pamper yourself.

i don't know about all of you little lovelies.
but i have been so. overwhelmingly. busy these last several weeks.
with school starting back up & moving into our new home
i have had very few minutes to just breathe.
let alone enjoy my bi-weekly manicure & pedicure.

it got me thinking.
is this just a busy time of year for everyone?
and i think it is.
but oh. how wonderful it is to lead our busy little lives.
lives that are. no doubt. filled with many blessings.

that being said.
i certainly do miss my down time.
my time to just relax. exactly as i please. 
and right now. i would do just about anything for a trip to the spa.
{girlfriend. my face is crying for a deep cleanse & peel.}

the idea of wearing an ultra plush bathrobe. comfy slippers. 
& sipping on minted water while indulging in aromatics
is just oh so appealing right now. 

can i get an amen?

well. it just so happens that one of you lucky girlies will get to do just that.
dr. k's med spa has so generously offered to giveaway 
a one hour massage & a one hour facial
to one terrificly deserving c'est si bon reader.

dr. k's med spa is the ultimate when it comes to wellness & rejuvenation.
offering a huge variety of services. you are sure to leave feeling
beautiful. refreshed. & indulged. 
and let's be honest. what girl doesn't love feeling that way?

to enter in this little giveaway simply follow these steps:
2. leave a comment on the blog or facebook telling us why you deserve this treat.
3. share this post on your facebook page. or twitter.

every girlie girl would be thrilled to win this treat.
the perfect excuse to totally & utterly pamper yourself.
{i secretly wish that i could win this giveaway}

not only is dr. k just a miracle worker when it comes to beautifying us ladies.
he is also a miracle worker in much more significant ways.
in hopes to encourage awareness & research. 
dr. k's med spa is hosting a benefit for autism. 
& they would love to personally extend an invitation to all of you.
be certain to check out this invitation for more details about the event.
it truly is a great cause. & it will be a lot of fun, too.

so. little lovelies. go ahead and enter in this lovely giveaway.
winner will be announced september 19. 
{oh. and please only enter if you are in the tampa bay & surrounding areas.}

go ahead & pamper yourself.


  1. I would love to win this! Since moving to the Tampa Bay area in January, I have been on the hunt for a spa to love since the one I used to go to is over two hours away now. I think I deserve this wonderful treat because I am in desperate need of some pampering!

    My husband is a Student Pastor at a church in Riverview and we are constantly running around with teenagers which is so much fun, but I am certainly not as young and agile as I used to be!

    Also, the stress of trying to buy a house puts me on a whole other level when it comes to stress! Who knew it took an act of congress to purchase a home?!

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this awesome giveaway!

    Oh, and I liked Dr. K's Facebook page!

    1. it sure does sound like you deserve this giveaway! i will keep my fingers crossed for you. good luck with the house hunt... you will find the right one when the time is right. i promise! xoxoxo.

  2. I would love to win a massage and facial!

    After being at camp with middle schoolers all summer, my face has seen better days. I would love anything that would make my skin look clean and fresh!

    Hope you can help a girl out :)

  3. I certainly think that I deserve some spa time!
    I am a very busy girl, who is trying to balance between two jobs, school, family life, friends, and life with my lovie! I have been doing a pretty good job in doing so, but it is very hard to find time for myself.
    I have learned to cut my own hair, I do mani's and pedi's.
    Now, don't think that I never go to spa's. I do, but not often. Once a year I go to Russia to visit my family. That's the fun time!!! The massage lady comes to our home. Mineral baths, mineral mud therapy, facials, and much much more ;)
    Unfortunately, in my everyday life It is hard to find time for spa, so, I hope I'll be the lucky winner!

    Thanks for giving me a chance, Kristen!

  4. I would love to win this giveaway! Running after my 2 year old adorable little girl, while 5 months pregnant with her "baby brudder" makes me SUPER lucky (and also SUPER tired and in need of some pampering!). I'll keep my fingers crossed. My brother is on the Autism Spectrum, so any business that supports Autism is a-ok in my book! Beatriz

  5. I would love to win a massage and facial! I haven't had a facial in ages and they're one of my favorite spa treatments. This week is going to be the busiest week of my life with nothing but work work work, including the weekend! I'm also training for a 10k and my sore muscles are just begging for a massage. I am definitely going to be in need of some pampering soon!

  6. A relaxing day would be an awesome treat after these past few months! I've recently moved back to St. Pete and started a new job, so taking time to sit down and relax doesn't happen often. I usually end up doing things for other people and sometimes I forget that I need some love too ;-)

  7. I just moved back to the Sunshine State after living in NYC for two years. After a long month of packing, moving, and traveling...I sure could use a nice, long massage and a facial to rejuvenate my skin. I had my favorite spas in the city and now I'm looking for a place to fall in love with in Florida.

    I love all of your posts and am looking forward to seeing more pictures of your beautiful house!

  8. I would love to NOT pay for a massage and facial and get a little FREE treat! Please pick me!

  9. Spending my day with a class full of 3 year olds is fun, rewarding, and exhausting!! Would love a spa day to relax and rejuvenate!!

  10. With moving, starting a new job and consulting I could 100% use a spa day. Would love to win and chilllll out!


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