kate spade fall 2012.

as if i needed any more reasons to love kate spade. 
the girl has done it again. 
& this time she is totally spot on.

well, hello little polka dotties.
with red. black. & tan? yes, please!
in the words of brad goreski: 
think paris. think flirty. think cocktail party. 

luxe to the max.
i am coveting this gorgeous tan & black ostrich handbag.
it is perfectly structured in the most ladylike of manners.
she is terribly chic, wouldn't you say?!

outfit obsession with polka dot overload.
i am just dying over the layer-upon-layer of polka dotted pretties.
the shoes. the tights. the pants. the blouse.
this is proof that black & white polka dots can never be overdone.

these tights are impossibly flirty. & have me begging to do the cha cha.
i mean. really. can kate be any wittier with her designs?
these little babies paired with an oversized polka dotted skirt is spot on.
not to mention these tan pumps are adorned with the loveliest of all bows.

love. love. love.
red & black & chic all over.
bursting at the seams with femininity. 

and. well. this is just to impress my lovie.
i am quite certain that he would marry me all over again 
if i were to don this dictionary clutch.
he has the greatest penchant for diction
and i fancy that about him.
i am not sure how i landed such a 
dashingly handsome beau with brains to boot. 

aren't these designs just the most darling?
i love how they are the perfect mix of demure & flirt.
brilliant, kate. just brilliant. 

you know what else i love about this?
the kate spade models were lifted to great displays on black & white pedestals
that were totally inspired by the cour d'honneur at the palais royal.
a parisian palace built in 1629. that now coexists with this 20th century installation.

so terrificly chic in the most neo-traditional style.

tell me.
which piece from the kate spade fall collection are you coveting?
or are you like me... and refuse to pick just one?!

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