oscar de la renta. spring 2013.

i have a larger than life love affair with the designs of
mister oscar de la renta. 

it began when i was working in personal shopping at bergdorf goodman.
{so many stories that i must share about that job}
i would spend hours just walking through the oscar boutique.
feeling the textures. marveling at the silhouettes. coveting each & every piece.
simply mesmerized by his impeccable sense of style. 
terrificly luxe. tremendously opulent. & terribly chic. 

he was my kind of man: elegant. distinguished. & regal. 
something tells me that oscar and i would be greatest of camarades

when new york fashion week was about to happen.
i was on pins & needles waiting to see the glorious oscar de la renta collection.
and. per usual. he out did himself again.
the collection is one of his best yet.
with an abundance of texture. & an exuberance of style. 

the texture in this blouse is just heavenly.
and the necklace is simply magnificent.
would just love to don this look.

this is so ladylike. 
the epitome of femininity.
channeling grace kelly.

this has my name written all over it.
how impossibly chic is this?
every. little. bit. of. it. screams. class.

loving this pattern mixing & pop of bold color.
so smart. so chic. so perfect.

visit vogue.com to enjoy the entire oscar de la renta spring 2013 collection
it is so overwhelmingly beautiful. you will simply not believe your eyes.

oh. oscar. how i adore thee.

{images courtesy of vogue}


  1. Wait, you were a BG shopper?! Not that I'm surprised, but talk about the job to end all jobs - would love to hear about that job!

    Oscar is one of my all-time favorites, and his Spring '13 was just to die for . . . . those top two looks, with those intricate overlays, are particularly gorgeous.

    1. melissa. you are too cute. yes i did work in personal shopping at bg.... and oh. the stories i could share. some people say i should write a book :)


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