an inspiring life.

i love hearing about lives that live to inspire.
lives that challenge you down to the very core to grab life & run with it.
stimulating every fiber within your being. promoting emotions & conquests.
& encourage you to take charge. to live life to its absolute fullest. 

allison massari is certainly an example of an inspiring life.
her story is one of overcoming fear. replacing it with passion & ebullience.
taking unfortunate circumstances & weaving them into a beautiful tapestry.
rising up. only to help others reach such a tremendous level of
peace. joy. excitement. & true. organic triumph. 

what. an. inspiration. she. is. 

allison's life story is one worth reading.
& her artwork is beyond worth studying.
she is truly a miraculous & talented lady.  

i have the privilege of being girlfriends {& new neighbors} with her darling sister.
when stephanie asked me to help spread awareness about massari i was beyond honored.
i am thrilled to be able to share the story of allison with all of you.
as i know you will be touched in the very deepest of ways. 
so. please take a moment to read her life story
you will truly be inspired. 

i have admired allison's artwork for a long time now.
appreciating to the fullest the beautiful mind that is behind the works.
take a peak at some of my faves. 
they are impossibly dramatic & terrificly abstract.

the queen of hearts in blushing red.
can't you just feel the passion in this piece of art?

the midnight portrait.
this just exudes emotions.

this is brilliant.
wear your fave piece of art around your neck with allison's necklaces.
how fun is that?!

allison also does sculptures, too.
how is one lady so terribly talented?!

if you live in the area... we are totally spoiled.
as allison has a permanent collection at the museum of fine arts in downtown st. pete.
if you are not in the area... definitely scout around on her site to see all of her works. 
you will be completely blown away at the amount of talent this lady has.

i am feeling totally inspired today.
inspired to live this beautiful life to it's fullest.
thank you. allison. for your wonderful example & your contagious spirit. 

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