birthday girl.

happy, happy day to my adorably wonderful & eternally sweet mother.
you bless me everyday. i am so grateful.
may you have a sparkly & blissful birthday, you little leap year baby.

hoping that today is filled with more cupcakes than years you are old.

dayna decker giveaway.

i happen to be a self-proclaimed pro at trying new beauty products.
i love experimenting with new goods ranging from 
hand cream to hair mousse. lipgloss to lotions. and scrubs to scents.

if it feels good. if it smells good. or if it looks good. 
i am all over it.
especially if it promises great results.
{i happen to still be waiting for long, thick, voluptuous hair. oh, and big pouty lips}

well, friends. 
i am here to share the good news.
not only do the dayna decker goods feel good. smell good. and look good.
they totally rock my world. 
candles. washes. lotions. diffusers. each one more exotic than the next.
the scents so richly saturated & captivating. sensual in the purest, most natural form. 

i fell in love with the sierra line.
neroli flower. ananas leaf. sweet jasmine. musk. bourbon vanilla.
the influence of natural botanicals creates an exotic aroma that is purely divine.

let me tell you, stepping out of a steamy shower and 
lathering this aromatic lotion on was like pure heaven.
and, the sierra candle was equally as lovely. and calming. and luxurious. 

there are a number of scents for you to choose from. 
peruse through the dayna decker website to find what you fancy. 
or you can try out all of her goods at neiman marcus.

oh, and here is a little surprise just for you. 
dayna decker has offered to spoil one c'est si bon reader 
with a bottle of essence lotion & a botanical candle. 

"like" the dayna decker facebook page to enter in this giveaway.
one lucky reader will win these luxe products. the winner will be revealed next tuesday. 

dayna decker will forever be a fave beauty product of c'est si bon. 
i promise you, too, will fall in love with her great scents.

{c'est si bon was sent dayna decker products to review. all opinions expressed are my own}

seeing stripes.

today i am especially loving bold stripes. 

{all images courtesy of pinterest}

sweet scallops.

i am completely dying over this little valentino number.
the cinched waist. the scallops. the tiered skirt.
italian vogue editor giovanna battaglia sure knows what she is doing. 

loving these petal-esque skirts.
a sure way to welcome spring into your wardrobe.

{images courtsey of pinterest}

blushing beauty.

i have lived through several early mornings 
when putting on a full face of make-up just doesn't happen. 
it is usually due to pushing the snooze button one too many times,
and other mornings i just simply don't feel like primping.

but on these mornings there is one rule i always follow.
never leave the house without a dash of blush.
some girls may be a lipgloss devotee. and other girls may rely on mascara.
but this girl, well, she believes in the power of blushing cheeks. 
a little tint on the apples of your cheeks goes a long, long way.

in my mind, whether wearing a full face of make-up or not,
always, always, always put on your blush.
blush adds life to dull skin. blush gives you a glow.
blush contours your cheeks. & blush gives a feminine touch like no other. 

i am loving the dramatic loveliness of these blushing beauties.

quite certain that this would never look good on my cheekies.
but i think this is strikingly beautiful.

these blushing cheeks are ethereal. 
soft. glowing. perfect.

again, loving this bold pink cheek. 
a juicy pop of cotton candy blush.

peachy-bronze blush is a must-have.

i love how this blush compliments her cheek bones.
use blush to contour your natural lines.
you will be amazed at the difference it can create.

i am always open to trying new blushes.
one can never have too many options of cheek color.
i was over the moon to learn that bare minerals has come out with a pressed blush.

i have always loved bare minerals blushes, but found the loose powder to be a bit messy.
so, you can imagine my joy when i received the pressed powder blushes.
not only are the colors simply stunning, 
but they are ones you can now carry in your purse for quick touch ups.
ooh la la. 

loving these colors.
run over to nordstrom to try them out.
you, too, can be a bare minerals blushing beauty. 

and while you are at it, 
try out the bare minerals buxom big & healthy lip stick in monte carlo.
a juicy & punchy pop of pout perfection. 

{c'est si bon was sent bare minerals products to review. all opinions expressed are my own.
photos courtesy of pinterest & the musings of a muse}

a grown-up bedtime routine.

i happen to love my "getting ready for bed" routine.
it is a routine that i savor. and take my time doing.
i always shower before getting in my jams.
the hot steam & lavendar oils release the pressures of life.
& something about getting into my sheets with a fresh bod just calms me.
i wash my face. brush my pearly whites. lather my limbs with lotion.
a pretty typical night time routine.

i have a new addition to my little routine.
and, oh my, has it ever made my pre-snooze minutes even better.

allow me to share this little secret with you.
three little words that are bound to change your life.

i have a mild obsession with their products.
and i am proud to admit it.
not only is the badger company a family business, which is precious,
but all of their products are natural, organic, & eco-friendly.
and the soothing & healing powers are just amazing. 

my current must-have is the badger lavendar & bergamont sleep balm. 

 i rub this balm onto my temples and on the tip of my nose.
it is like pure heaven in a tin.
it promotes restful sleep. it quiets the mind.
it is sublimely relaxing.

i am also hooked on the badger lip balms.
being a lip balm junkie, i am always on the hunt for the best of the best.
i certainly have added the badger lip balms on the top of my list.
the are overwhelmingly soothing to dehydrated lips.
and the come in the most luxe scents.
lavendar & orange is my fave.

badger has all sorts of products that i am just dying to try.
essentially they have a product for every mood.

perfect for after a long day of work.
or better yet, carry a tin in your purse throughout those stressful days.

add a little pep in your step with a cheerful mind.
perfect for anyday. anytime.

focus balm is a great way to quiet your mind.

these are just a few of the choices.
they also have a ton of other great products, too.
calming baby balms. sunscreens. bug balms.
sore muscle healers. after sun balms.
body soaps. aromatherapy oils.
and the list goes on.

you really should try some of the badger body care products out.
it is the perfect way to naturally rejuvinate your body & mind.

{c'est si bon was given several products to review. all opinions expressed are my own}

charming grace.

i strive to always carry myself with grace.
and with a ladylike disposition.

charming grace.

{photos courtesy of pinterest}

blueberry cobbler hotcakes.

oh, friends.
you are going to love this little treat i have for you.

being an enduring lover of breakfast for dinner, i have tried it all.
banana waffles. peanut butter stuffed french toast. 
chocolate chip pancakes.
bacon egg & cheesers. omelets of all sorts. 
brown sugar bacon. biscuits.
all deliciously decadent.

but i think i may have tasted the bees knees when it comes to breakfasts for dinner.
please allow me to introduce to you a new fave at the mills' home. 
blueberry cobbler hotcakes.

how. amazing. do. these. blueberry. babies. look?

now don't be fooled.
these are not your ordinary blueberry pancakes.
oh no. no. no. 
each bite of these beauties tastes as if you are eating 
hot blueberry cobbler. with extra crumble. 

and here is the kicker.
they are gluten free.
and an absolute breeze to make. 
i found a similar recipe on pinterest, but doctored them up a bit.

here it goes.

1/3 cup of bob's red mill gluten free flour
4 tablespoons organic steel cut oats
a big pinch of cinnamon
2/3 teaspoon baking powder
1/8 teaspoon of salt
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 tablespoon brown sugar
1/3 cup organic milk
1 tablespoon canola oil
a bushel of organic blueberries

mix all the dry. mix in all the liquids. 
gently fold in the blueberries.

brown a bit of butter in the frying pan.
dollop rounds of batter into the bubbling butter.
cook. flip. repeat.

i topped my hotcakes with a smidgen of butter & a drizzle of agave.
then lightly dusted them with powdered sugar.

blueberry cobbler hotcake heaven.

now, you could certainly alter this recipe to make it dairy-free, as well.
just substitute the milk & butter.
{but, i happen to think the browned butter gives amazing depth of flavor}

paris v. new york city

i am definitely a city girl. 
being in a great big city thrills me.
it excites me. enchants me. entertains me.
the buzz. the movement. the culture.
the fashion. the art. the culinary experiences.
the sounds. the architecture. the lights.
it all makes me feel alive.
overwhelmingly alive.

and i happen to love feeling overwhelmingly alive.

having lived in new york city for two years,
and traveling there atleast once a year,
a piece of my heart will always be in manhattan.
the eclectic, urban soho streets.
the polished, chic upper east side streets.
i have walked those streets.
and i love them all.
i have always loved new york.
and i am quite certain i always will.

i have an even greater love affair with paris.
{i don't mean to cheat on you new york city. you will always be the apple of my eye}
i have only been to paris once, but the city of lights instantly captivated my attention.
fully. completely. utterly. captivated my heart & my mind.
i dream of days spent walking the streets of paris.
during the day. in the dark of night. in the rain.
you name it, i'll take it.

i stumbled upon a witty book while perusing through anthro the other day.
and i was quite amused flipping each one of these colored pages.
paris v. new york.

don't you just love these prints?
i think the comparisons between these two great cities are so clever.

so, tell me, friends.
do you prefer paris or new york city?
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