my favorite things. giveaway.

alright, friends.
just to make your mid-week a little bit sweeter
c'est si bon is doing a surprise giveaway.

you are going to have to trust me on this one.
because the giveaway items are a secret.
hopefully you have faith in my taste.

i absolutely promise you will love, love, love it.
it is a box of wonderfully lovely treasures. all my very fave things.
fifty dollars worth of treats.
in a box.
tied with a ribbon.
just to make you happy.

enter by liking the new c'est si bon facebook page.
leave a comment on the page with your best guess as to what may be in the box.
let's see how well you think you know me.

the winner will be announced on sunday.

don't you just love surprises?!


  1. facebook liked! omgoodness! i cant imagine what is in this surprise box! i would say. your favorite lip gloss! maybe a recipe or two for some sweets! a pack of your favorite must have stationary. and a black and while polka-dotted scarf!
    chloe lambe

  2. I want a surprise! :) I love all of John Winds line! :) here is to AJK winning!!!!! :)

  3. Hmmm...Knowing your love for all things French, maybe a gift card to the Cassis bakery for some sweet treat? Maybe some sweet lavender tea? Pottery Barn, some whimsical stationary, a book by Tim Gunn, any type perfect beauty product???
    I love surprises!

  4. Christa Traviesa via AtlantaFebruary 8, 2012 at 12:04 PM

    Ohh, Kristen. I HOPE that my favorite product line FRESH will make your blog someday...and hopefully your giveaway offers something from its french/belgian line- like its new CREME ANCIENNE INFUSION toner (or un petit sample)so some lucky reader will be fresh-faced and glowing for valentine's day! I just KNOW my chic Atlanta friends would LOVE to hear that c'est si bon thinks of them, too:)

    à la vôtre!

  5. Love this! I am thinking...Peanut Butter & Co jar and maybe a traget fashinoista item from Jason Wu! Here's to hoping I win!

  6. Could it be something yummy and sweet?

  7. I think with Valentine's day in sight and your love of sweets, it could be a box of gourmet truffles?
    Rachel Kreh

  8. girls. these ideas are just the best. i want all of them! i am having so much fun reading your guesses.
    the black and white polka dot scarf? yes, please! PB&Co, oh yes! anything gold? i am all over it!
    thank you for entering. love & hugs.

  9. A box of fancy cupcakes from the latest cupcake store in town...wrapped in a box with a big bow?

  10. Something sweet and/or some jewels!

  11. Perhaps something French that sparkles!

  12. I'm guessing some cute jewelry or delicious tea!

  13. Hmm...I am guessing some awesome jewelry...something with a pearl???

  14. I think with Valentine's Day this week it's a box full of sweets...ingredients, recipes, maybe even some heart cookie cutters and baking dishes?!?

  15. a 'mary poppins' box of kristens best - what a surprise...

  16. Love the guessing! Posted what I thought the surprise is on the facebook page! :-)


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