a grown-up bedtime routine.

i happen to love my "getting ready for bed" routine.
it is a routine that i savor. and take my time doing.
i always shower before getting in my jams.
the hot steam & lavendar oils release the pressures of life.
& something about getting into my sheets with a fresh bod just calms me.
i wash my face. brush my pearly whites. lather my limbs with lotion.
a pretty typical night time routine.

i have a new addition to my little routine.
and, oh my, has it ever made my pre-snooze minutes even better.

allow me to share this little secret with you.
three little words that are bound to change your life.

i have a mild obsession with their products.
and i am proud to admit it.
not only is the badger company a family business, which is precious,
but all of their products are natural, organic, & eco-friendly.
and the soothing & healing powers are just amazing. 

my current must-have is the badger lavendar & bergamont sleep balm. 

 i rub this balm onto my temples and on the tip of my nose.
it is like pure heaven in a tin.
it promotes restful sleep. it quiets the mind.
it is sublimely relaxing.

i am also hooked on the badger lip balms.
being a lip balm junkie, i am always on the hunt for the best of the best.
i certainly have added the badger lip balms on the top of my list.
the are overwhelmingly soothing to dehydrated lips.
and the come in the most luxe scents.
lavendar & orange is my fave.

badger has all sorts of products that i am just dying to try.
essentially they have a product for every mood.

perfect for after a long day of work.
or better yet, carry a tin in your purse throughout those stressful days.

add a little pep in your step with a cheerful mind.
perfect for anyday. anytime.

focus balm is a great way to quiet your mind.

these are just a few of the choices.
they also have a ton of other great products, too.
calming baby balms. sunscreens. bug balms.
sore muscle healers. after sun balms.
body soaps. aromatherapy oils.
and the list goes on.

you really should try some of the badger body care products out.
it is the perfect way to naturally rejuvinate your body & mind.

{c'est si bon was given several products to review. all opinions expressed are my own}


  1. Kris, I have sworn by Badger FOREVER!! I order their organic Chapstick in bulk. Actually, I just got a shipment last week. I think their products are the best out there especially of you have skin allergies. They have 100% organic all natural ingredients and fragrance free stuff too that doesn't smell like ick. Obviously I swear by this stuff happy to see you've joined the ranks!

  2. oh, how fun! i am glad you love the badger, too. i am seriously hooked. love it. it almost feels indulgent rubbing the sleepy-time balm on at nihgt. love you.

  3. Where can you find these goodies?

  4. I know that Rollin Oats carries some of the Badger products... but not sure how much. I would order online so that you can have the entire selection. You will LOVE their goodies!!


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