one spot of sugar, or two?

i simply adore the idea of sitting around with my sweetest girlfriends
having an afternoon tea party & listening to french music.
filling the air with lavender candles. using a dainty tea cup and saucer.
this just exemplifies femininity loveliness at its finest. 
and i like that.

this weekend i stumbled upon the most beautiful limoge china at my parents house.
i opened the heavy, old, wooden drawer and my gaze fell upon 
the most delicate pieces of porcelain one could ever imagine.

i was instantly smitten with
the dainty tea cups. the scalloped edges. the rose and gold hues. the intricate floral print.  
and this best kept secret that had been tucked away for nobody to enjoy. 
i immediately beckoned my dad to come and tell me all about them.
where did these little lovelies come from? 

when he shared the story with me, my heart melted.
this china set was his great, great grandmothers. 
it is over one hundred and fifty years old. 
sigh. swoon. flutter.
i can only imagine the stories that these pieces hold. 
the gentle love that they have experienced. 
a true family heirloom. 

is that not the most darling tea set you have ever laid eyes on?

i adore the sugar pot. 
it reminds me of beauty and the beast.

look at the delicate details.
the faint florals. the gold embellishments. the scalloped edges.

even the bottom of the tea cup is scalloped. 
every detail has been crafted with beauty & elegance.

would you like one spot of sugar, or two?

my dad went on to tell me that this is limoge china. 
porcelain made in, but of course, france. 
this little fact doubled, no tripled, my love affair with these pieces.
i believe that limoge started being produced in the seventeenth century.
and was no longer made after the early nineteen-hundreds.
isn't that just amazing?

i am so grateful that our family has this little piece of porcelain history,
that is rich with family love & overflowing with memories.
would you join me for a cup of tea?


  1. That really is the most beautiful tea set I have ever seen! Love it!!

  2. Hi, Kristen,

    I love the history of your beautiful tea set. What a pretty surprise to find hidden away. I hope you use them to brighten your tea table. Thank you for sharing.



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