a tall tale.

i often dream of wearing sky-high, tall shoes.
you see, all the really cute & flirty shoes are tall. 
for example, wedges. 
they are impossibly tall.
and all the sexy shoes. they are tall, too.
let's just be honest, most men don't gravitate to a girl in kitten heels. 

being a few inches above average,
ok, fine. 
being really above average at a staggering 5'10
has always put a damper on my love for shoe shopping.
sure, i could wear the tall heels.
i just do not like to feel that tall.

my sweet & loving hubby wouldn't mind at all. not one bit.
whatever makes you happy, krissiebear.
but i just can't bring myself to wear them. 

so, when i laid eyes on these kate spade beauties
my heart about broke into a million tiny pieces.
they are so me. they belong with me.

don't you agree?!
black. white. & gold. perfection.
if i were ever to be a shoe, i would surely be one of these.

so, friends, someone do me a favor.
somebody buy a pair of these tall pretties.
i would love to know what it is like to walk a mile in your shoes.


mix it up.

mixing patterns is so on trend this spring.
these unpredictable pairings were popping up all over the runways.
and the trend will continue on through the summer & into fall.
seemingly without any rhyme or reason,
the mixed prints worked effortlessly
& brought great zest to the fashion world.

i especially loved the collection that carven displayed.
perfectly playful. bursting with color. and popping with patterns.

while it seems to be thrown together with closed eyes,
these patterns were actually carefully chosen to be paired.
the colors are complimentary & the patterns do not fight for attention.
it totally works.

i simply adore this pretty little number.
the bright colors are just overflowing with springtime energy.
the patterns mixed here are simple florals & stripes.
a lovely spring combo.

some may be wary of mixing patterns & colors,
but it really is quite a thrill.
just follow these little tips.

to avoid looking like you rolled out of bed & got dressed in your sleep
start with a more understated pattern set or color palette. 
like this j.crew look below. 

anyone can pull this off and look street chic.
i love, love, love the black & white. 
wearing this timeless color combo is a sure way to stay on the safe side while mixing. 

if you choose to wear color, be mindful that the colors must be complimentary.
this could be a deal breaker in the art of mixing. 
that being said. 
be bold. be brave.
embrace colors of all sorts.
pink & red. orange & pink. yellow & green. green & blue.
all these look great together.

also, stick with simple prints.
polka dots. stripes. florals.
pick one simple pattern & one busier pattern.
two busy patterns makes for a frenzy of a mixed up day.

it really is quite simple.
so give it a go.
mix things up a bit this spring. 

{images courtesy of the washington post. pinterest. the globe and mail}


i love to be pampered. 
in any and every form of the word.
i like to give credit to my mother for raising my this way.
i love to indulge in manicures. pedicures. and leisurely days by the pool.
facials. massages. sauna visits. blow outs. 
i welcome them any day of the week.

but if i had to choose one way to be pampered,
i would say that having my make-up done just may be top on my list.
maybe that is because i rarely get the pleasure of doing so.
but it is also because those artists know how to work with a blank canvas.

i'll tell you what. 
i could be having the worst beauty day. 
puffy eyes. breakouts. dark circles. dry skin.
and they still can manage to make a girl look like a beauty.
the tricks they have up their sleeves are remarkable.

as you know, i got married in november.
and i just loved spending the morning in the make-up chair.
it was indulgent. pampering.
it was so glamorous.  
the ultimate treat for the special day.

look at all of those colors to choose from.
i would love to have that selection to play with every morning.

blank canvas.
shirls knows some serious tricks to creating flawless skin.

having your make-up done is even more pampering
when you have a doting bestie to hold your hand.

imagine having that eye make-up everyday.
i am a big eye make-up girl, so i would love this.

oh, yes! please do powder my nose!


i am a true believer that the world is a lovelier place
due to the invention of jet black volumizing mascara.
i. never. leave. home. without. it. 

if i could have shirley from chanel come to my house every morning
to help me put on my face of make-up,
i would be over the moon.
so, shirls? 
whattya think?

how do you pamper yourself?

in the garden.

i am working in the garden today.
if you are in the market for fresh herbs, please swing by & grab a few.
i have an abundance of fragrant greens.
basil. rosemary. lavender. mint. & thyme. 

and since i do not yet have flower blooms in my own garden,
i will enjoy daydreaming of strolling along the streets of a paris flower market.

enjoying this sunny, sunny day.
c'est si bon.

accessorize with style.

i have a deep, deep love with accessories.
jewelry. scarves. handbags. shoes. 
you name it. i am all about it.

i especially adore bracelets.
of all the accessories in the world, i would choose an armful of bracelets.
ok, maybe not alllll accessories. 
i would totally take a birkin over an armful of bracelets.
but that is neither here no there.
bottom line. 
this girl loves an abundance of arm candy.
baubles. bangles. bling. bold.
stack 'em up & stack 'em high.

my philosophy is the more you can stack, the better it looks.
i like to mix & match all my bracelets for a super chunky & eclectic feel.
a few gold structured bangles. a john wind chain & crystal number.
a few charms to embellish the links.
an oversized beaded gem. skinny gold rope bracelets.
and a big honkin' watch.
that is my idea of perfect arm candy.

like this.
stacked bracelet perfection.
the various textures. sizes. colors. & forms. give great edge.

love. love. love.
i truly believe that piling on an armful of jewels 
has the power to make a tee shirt & jeans look oh-so glamorous. 

i wear my over-the-top set of bracelets almost everyday.
my gold kate spade bangles. 
my john wind crystal bracelet.
my john wind gold chain link bracelet.
and a few other goldies i have picked up along the way.
and i kid you not.
nearly everyday someone comments on my abundance of baubles & bangles.
i always get huge compliments from these show stoppers.

so, i have quite a surprise for you. 
sweet john wind & i have kept in touch since we met at this trunk show
and he has generously offered to spoil one c'est si bon reader with 
some of his most fabulous jewels. 

john let me specially pick one piece from his newest collection,
the french riviera, especially for a lucky c'est si bon girl.

ta da!
isn't she a beauty?
i am loving the vintage gold chain mixed with the pop of coral.

the perfect accessory to add to your spring wardrobe.

when i laid eyes on this piece,
i just knew it would look amazing layered with my other john wind goodies.
oh, and great perk...
tangerine hues are huge this summer.
so, with this little pretty you are sure to be right on trend.

to enter in this giveaway
leave a comment sharing your fave accessory.
share the link to this post with one friend on facebook. 

the lucky lady will be revealed april first.
good luck.
and pile up those bracelets, ladies.
you will be sure to always have great looking arm candy.

{images courtesy of pinterest}

the list.

are you a list maker?
you know, do you make lists of all the things you want to get done for the day?
do you get a thrill from crossing off one item at a time?
maybe even color coordinating your items by category?

i am absolutely a proud little list maker. 
i happen to love, no really, i love making lists.
and confession: 
sometimes i will even add things to my list that i have already completed.
just so that i can start my list with a few things to perfectly cross out. 
just like this.

there is something about making a list of to-do items
that just makes me happy. 
it gives me a feeling of productivity & accomplishment. 
and i like feeling that way.

and while i seem to be much better at actually making the list
than executing the list...
i still make list upon list just the same. 

so, as i sat down this morning to make my spring cleaning-spring break to-do list,
i was really wishing for a pretty little notebook to create my list on.
that is half the joy of a list makers list making session.
making a pretty list. in a pretty notebook. on pretty paper. in pretty handwriting.

i would make lists in this little guy all the day long.
i just especially love the strap to keep it neat & tidy while it is closed.

and dividers to make my list making extra efficient & organized.

and a perfectly cute little envelope on the back end to hold loose papers.
this would be this little list makers dream.

now, since i do not have this little notebook {yet}
a piece of yellow scrapbook paper will just have to suffice for this weeks list.

spring cleaning week is here & so my list goes:

complete all the laundry.
vacuum the floors.
switch out spring & summer wardrobes.
polish the wood.
wash the windows. inside & out.
clean the window sills.
wash the baseboards. 
pressure wash the awnings.
dust away the dust.
reupholster the dining room chairs. 
organize the garage.
call the sprinkler man.
clean the fans.
change the air filters.
pot flowers for the back yard.
clean the fridge.
organize the pantry.

i am certainly going to be a busy bee this week.
but i am really looking forward to having a squeaky clean home.

and it goes without saying,
i have lots of fun & girlie things on my list, too.
but that is obviously on a different list. on a different piece of paper. in a different pen.

tell me, do you love to make & edit lists as much as i do?
are you a striker? a scribbler? a checker? a highlighter?
how do you mark off a completed item?

the burch estate.

loving the spread of tory burch's home in the latest vogue. 
this girls house is overflowing with style.
but, no surprise there.

love the symmetry here.
and love, love, love the black & white floor.
so chic.

i could certainly lounge by this pool.
beyond gorgeous black trelliswork & white columns. 

loving the natural light in this room.
and how about that wallpaper?!

poolside dining table? yes, please.

tory, in valentino, is always dressed to the nines.
and i am loving these french designed panels. 

the most perfectly manicured formal garden.
croquet anyone?

are you loving tory's south hampton estate as much as i am?

jill stuart. sweet & springy.

one of my super fashionable girlfriends, 
who also happens to be one of the sweetest friends i know, 
sent me this darling photo yesterday.

she spotted it while perusing the pages of self magazine.
and we both instantly decided that we needed to own the entire ensemble.
doesn't it just exude springtime sweetness?

the moment i laid eyes on this pretty little jill stuart number,
i was on the hunt for more springtime must-haves a la jill.

i was in awe of the loveliness that stuart brought to the runways this season.
confectionary colors. sheer fabrics. flirty silhouettes. and the like. 
stuart mastered the art of dressing over-the-top-sugary-sweet 
without being too prim. proper. or fussy.
and i happen to adore it & all of its girlish glory.

i am swooning over this color palette. 
rosey. minty. goodness.

i love how flowy & breezy the fabrics are.

this belongs in my closet.
loving everything about this look. 
the yellow trench. the peter pan collar. the polka dots. the ultra-soft skirt.

the sweetest skirt i have ever laid eyes on.
the sheer, mint fabric is just divine.
and it goes without saying, the scallops are beyond lovely.

was there ever a prettier pink & gold shoe?

head-to-toe sweet sorbet.

i adore this combo.
the colorblocking is understatedly perfect.
and the color palette is the sweetest.

don't you just love all of these jill stuart stunners?

one of my all-time fave things about being a lady is dressing like a girlie-girl.
if you are not one to be super feminine, pair a highly structured handbag 
with your frilliest pieces to tone down the sweetness. 

tell me, what is your fave girlie-girl look?

{images courtesy of jill stuart & self magazine}

mad for mad men

the world is buzzing with excitement
for the return of mad men.
i personally can hardly wait to see all the great fashions on the show.
i have said this for awhile, and i will say it again.
i should have been born during this retro era.
i am all about the mad men look.

kate spade's spring collection has a modern twist on the mad men style.
and i am la.la.loving it.

don't you just love these sassy, ladylike numbers?
the perfect mix of retro silhouettes & modern chic.

and i may be bias.
but i happen to think that my handsome hubbie
resembles the very dapper don draper.

admit it.
you see it, too.

so, tell me. are you mad for mad men style?

The Things We Keep {A. Liz Adventures Guest Post}

Hi ladies, and thank you to sweet Kristen for inviting me to guest post with you today.  I am April of A. Liz Adventures.  My blog chronicles daily lifestyle pretties -- tasty recipes, DIY projects, adventures with girlfriends, married life, you get the gist. 

Like Kristen, I am a newlywed.  My husband Ian and I were married at the end of May in 2011. 

We have fairly different personalities, which I consider a total life-enricher.  Someone to contribute to this crazy life we are all so fortunate to be a part of.

We also have different (ahem) viewpoints on the things we keep.

I am highly sentimental.  I love memories.  Tangible objects to me are fun ways of relating to a special memory and bringing back a flood of happy emotion.

My husband?  The "toss it" mentality.

We've learned to compromise.  His biggest fear is our home ending up on an episode of Hoarders.  I assure you, I assure you ... we are FAR from this.  Anyone who has been over to our home would laugh uncontrollably about his irrational fear.

But gah, I do love to keep sentimental chotchkies. 

Last weekend I took a trip with girlfriends to New York.  I've been posting on my blog about our fun adventures this week.  After mentioning that we lunched one day at the Boathouse in Central Park, a blogging friend asked if Tavern On The Green was still open.

Nope, sadly, they closed in 2009.  But there they are, still in my phone from when my girlfriends and I brunched there in 2005.  Yes, seven years (and at least five phones) later, I still refuse to delete that contact.  Spotting it as I scroll through my phone searching for a friend's number just gives me such a thrill.

And in my desk drawer?  Tucked in between a calculator, business cards, and meeting notes, you'll find a simple unframed photo of Ian and I.  It didn't make the cut to be a framed photo on top of my desk, but this one has a special meaning.  It's the first time that Ian met my parents at our family lakehouse.  We took the boat out and I remember feeling filled with joy at the fact that my new boyfriend was getting along swimmingly well with my parents.  And making them laugh.

I like to keep a pretty clean wallet, but I just couldn't bring myself to trash two receipts.  They are both faded and obviously well-loved.  The top receipt is from a fantastic birthday dinner at Harvest that my friend Kerry and I enjoyed in the Hamptons several years back.  And the receipt from Pink Sorbet is for a gorgeous floor-length Lilly Pulitzer gown that I purchased for our first engagement party in the mountains.

When I clean out my wallet, it brings me joy to see these two receipts.  I fold them again and put them right back where they belong.

I see countless warnings about not letting yourself confuse a memory with a tangible item, but you know what I have to say about that?  Fooey!  I'm a highly visual person, and these items act as memory cues for me.

Please tell me I'm not alone here -- what is something tangible you've kept that has a special significance?
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