a blossoming gardener.

do you have a girlfriend in your life
that you just know you were meant to be friends with?

you love all the same things. you get excited over the same things.
& you happen to think she has the greatest sense of style.
{partly mostly because her style is so very similar to your own}

well, i have this friend in my life.
in fact, i have known her for many, many years.
she has been one of my moms dearest friends for a long time.
and i am lucky enough to consider her one of my dear friends, too.

if you ever get the chance to meet ms. debbie,
you, too, would surely adore her. 

lately, i have been getting so much inspiration from her.
inspiration to start my very own little garden.
your heart would truly flutter 
if you could see what this little garden gal has done to her backyard.
rows of roses. in every shade. and in every size. 
climbing. potted. & perfectly manicured.
her labor of love has bloomed into the most lovely little rose garden.
and i happen to be quite envious.

i would love nothing more than to have fresh roses in my backyard.
to be able to stroll on out my back door, clip a few buds,
& instantly have a little color to brighten any room.

so this coming weekend.
i am off to buy my very first rose bush.
and. i. can. hardly. wait.

can you just imagine?
to have roses cascading over the fence...
now this would be just the prettiest view out my window.

and i simply cannot get enough of the climbing roses.
i love the romantic & shabby chic feel. 

as a blossoming gardener, 
i think it is a necessity to have this garden & laundry station.
i mean, a girls gotta have a place to really get her hands dirty, right?

when i was over at ms. debbie's garden the other day,
she said something that i have really held captive.
she was telling me how i would need to care for my rose bush 
& how every year i must cut the bush all the way back. 
no leaves. no buds. just sticks.
they are ugly. they are vulnerable. they are bare. 
but the gardner absolutely must do this in order to 
prepare the bush for growing new roses.

she turned to me and said with a giggle.
you know, its kind of like how the Lord works with us. 
we have to be broken down to our very worst 
before we can blossom into our most beautiful.

what a lovely reminder that the Lord gave us at that very moment. 
i will forever remember that during the challenging & ugly moments in life,
i am being prepared to blossom into something so much more lovely.

so thank you, ms. debbie.
you have inspired me in more ways than one. 

{images courtesy of pinterest & elle decor}

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