a novel idea.

one of my fave things about my lovie is that he is
a sweet, little bookworm.
he loves to read. he collects books.
and i happen to think it is quite endearing.

in one of my many attempts to impress him,
i, too, have worked to cultivate a richer love for books.
i now love finding off-beat books about fashion. travel. cooking.
{anthro is my go-to place to find a darling page turner}

but i think that most of all,
i love the idea of a book as an accessory a la kate spade.
a clutch disguised as a literary masterpiece.
now, this is a novel idea.

i am just dying over all of these witty, little clutches.

i am quite certain my lovie would fall in love with me all over again
if he were to see me carrying one.
& that gives me great reason to start a new book collection.


  1. The Emma clutch is my favorite...so sweet and genius.

  2. johanna, aren't they just the cutest? i wish i had bought one when they were in the stores! i would love to have the great gatsby one! xoxo.

  3. I have the Great Expectations clutch from a couple of seasons ago and I love it! I've had people at restaurants ask me if I'm planning on being bored since I brought a book.They're great conversation starters!

  4. taylor, i wish i had bought the great gatsby one. that is too funny that people would ask you if you plan on being bored :) love it. xoxo.

  5. I have always loved this line from KS. I was looking for a lower priced alternative of these and found some great versions on Etsy!


  6. thanks, lilly. i MUST go find some for myself! xoxo

  7. i'm in love with that clutch!


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