snap. snap. snap.

i am in the market for a fancy new little camera.
you may remember that one of my new found hobbies to fancy
is the art of photography.

i am getting ready to take a photography class at our local arts center
so that i can learn how to capture moments in a snap. snap. snap.
moments of love. moments of laughter. moments of beauty.
moments of this glorious gift we call life.

so, here is where i need you, friends.
do you have a camera that you simply love?
one that you could not imagine living without?
if so, spill the beans, please.

here is to hoping i can find one as adorable as these little guys.

and speaking of cameras...
meet my dear friend kelly & her non-profit organization, 100 cameras.
her team is comprised of an amazing group of individuals who
love to show the love.
check out all the deets at the 100 cameras website.
it really & truly is an amazing cause.
snaps to them.

{all images courtesy of pinterest}


  1. Hi Kristen! Which local photo class are you taking? I took Photo 1 with Rob Moorman at the Morean Arts Center and had a great time. 6 weeks of class (2.5 hours each, 1 class a week) and the price could not be beat! I have a Nikon D3100, love it. I got a great deal on it (and it came with a camera bag and 2 lenses) at Costco. The price was much more inexpensive than going through a camera shop or Best Buy. Let me know if you want me to send you the types of cameras they have right now (they carry usually 1 or 2 of a Nikon, and 1 or 2 of a Canon at a time). I usually swing by there about once every week or two...

  2. thanks, bea. i am not certain yet which class i will take, but it will be at the arts center. i will let you know what i decide :) xoxo


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