one smart cookie.

i have always known that my lovie was a smart, smart man.

he stores all sorts of wisdom in that cute little hat rack of his.
he has a way of retaining everything he reads.
he only reads books to learn. and he listens to the economist for pleasure.
he. is. the. smartest. man. i. have. ever. met.

what i love the most is that not only is he smart when it comes to
law. history. economics. politics. & sports.
he is beyond smart when it comes to his little wife.
in fact, i think it is safe to say he is quite brilliant in the most important way.
my lovie knows how to make me happy. he knows how to comfort me.
he knows how to love me. and he knows how to read me like a book.
and best of all,
the man is brilliant enough to know how to get a lazy girl to become a workout addict.

i don't know how he did it.
actually, i do... but i am just still in shock.
being a girl who doesn't like to sweat.
loathes the idea of running. and looks dumb lifting dumbells.
i am in disbelief that he has successfully converted me into a girl who
needs her daily workout.

bravo, lovie.
{how did you grow up to be so smart?}

so, listen up all you ladies out there who despise working out.
here is the way to turn that around.
& i promise it is worth it.

after many months of failed workout programs
{i happen to be the least disciplined person when it comes to working out}
i finally begged my super-disciplined lovie to help me.
lovie, i need you to help me stick to a workout routine. please????

being the great man that he is, he agreed to help me by coming up with an incentive plan.
not just your ordinary incentive plan,
but one that he knew would work for me.

so, think of one thing that really makes you happy.
something that you love to do. love to have. just plain love.
for me, that is shopping.
i love to be dressed cute & for the season.
and my lovie, in all his brilliant glory, knows this secret about me.
{i made it perfectly clear before we got married}

he made me a deal.
a deal that i was sure to keep.
if i worked out four days a week for two months...
i got a little shopping spree.

sign. me. up.
i could totally do this.
and i did.
and i have the handbag to prove it.

little did i know, my smart cookie of a hubby had a much bigger plan.
he knew that if i could reach this goal, i would be hooked on working out.
the act of physical activity would become habitual & a daily need.
and boy, was he right on track.

not only do i simply love how i feel now that i am worker-outer,
i love that my body is happier, too.
i completed the incentive program a month ago...
and my four days a week plan has continued.
run. spin. run. spin.
oh, and one or two hot yoga classes.

thank you, lovie.
your big brain & huge heart are so very appreciated.
you helped me meet my goal.

you are one smart cookie.


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