love feast.

i was feeling nostalgic last night.
so i decided to look through all of our wedding pictures again.
we have been married for almost four months now.
but it still feels like the wedding was just yesterday.
it was perfect in every way possible.

i was one of those brides that loved, no really loved, planning her wedding.
everyday i would wake up excited to plan. and design. and imagine.
i would spend hours looking at absolutely lovely pictures of dresses. flowers. decor. 
i would play out the night in my imagination. i would laugh. and i would cry.
i loved everything about planning my wedding.

i had a clear vision of everything i wanted for the wedding.
and i was so blessed to find a team that completely "got" my vision.
we were able to plan together. and the excitement was overwhelming.

one of my fave wedding projects was designing the tables.
oh, the tables.
i had visions of golden. glowing. feasting tables.
filled with crystal. and stemware. and candles.
long tables overflowing with people. and laughter. and love.

it was even more than that.
the tables were simply exquisite.
every inch of the room & every heart in the room
was glowing with love. 

take a peak at these feasting tables.
eat your heart out. 

i may be a teeny bit bias...
but those have got to be some of the loveliest tables i have ever laid eyes on.

c'est si bon.


  1. Just gorgeous, Kristen. Beautiful! The most memorable dinner of your life? I think so!

    I also so enjoyed wedding planning. It's almost been a year...and a little piece of me is sort of sad that the planning, tasting, and dreaming is over!

  2. Kris. I know... I have moments when I truly feel sad that it is all over. Thank goodness for great photgraphs :)
    Happy almost one year to you and yours. XOXO


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