the list.

are you a list maker?
you know, do you make lists of all the things you want to get done for the day?
do you get a thrill from crossing off one item at a time?
maybe even color coordinating your items by category?

i am absolutely a proud little list maker. 
i happen to love, no really, i love making lists.
and confession: 
sometimes i will even add things to my list that i have already completed.
just so that i can start my list with a few things to perfectly cross out. 
just like this.

there is something about making a list of to-do items
that just makes me happy. 
it gives me a feeling of productivity & accomplishment. 
and i like feeling that way.

and while i seem to be much better at actually making the list
than executing the list...
i still make list upon list just the same. 

so, as i sat down this morning to make my spring cleaning-spring break to-do list,
i was really wishing for a pretty little notebook to create my list on.
that is half the joy of a list makers list making session.
making a pretty list. in a pretty notebook. on pretty paper. in pretty handwriting.

i would make lists in this little guy all the day long.
i just especially love the strap to keep it neat & tidy while it is closed.

and dividers to make my list making extra efficient & organized.

and a perfectly cute little envelope on the back end to hold loose papers.
this would be this little list makers dream.

now, since i do not have this little notebook {yet}
a piece of yellow scrapbook paper will just have to suffice for this weeks list.

spring cleaning week is here & so my list goes:

complete all the laundry.
vacuum the floors.
switch out spring & summer wardrobes.
polish the wood.
wash the windows. inside & out.
clean the window sills.
wash the baseboards. 
pressure wash the awnings.
dust away the dust.
reupholster the dining room chairs. 
organize the garage.
call the sprinkler man.
clean the fans.
change the air filters.
pot flowers for the back yard.
clean the fridge.
organize the pantry.

i am certainly going to be a busy bee this week.
but i am really looking forward to having a squeaky clean home.

and it goes without saying,
i have lots of fun & girlie things on my list, too.
but that is obviously on a different list. on a different piece of paper. in a different pen.

tell me, do you love to make & edit lists as much as i do?
are you a striker? a scribbler? a checker? a highlighter?
how do you mark off a completed item?


  1. I love, love making lists. And I have been very much hoping to find time to deep clean my home. The pretty work-flow charts I am finding on Pinterest re: de-cluttering are a good start!


  2. lilly. there are tons of free printables out there on pinterest... and they are just darling. makes making lists so much more fun :)

  3. I am a lister maker for all that I do. And I am a "checker" - love doing that!

  4. I am a list maker and I cross through completed items. I am also known for making sure my list has a few things crossed off to begin with. I don't work in order though.

    1. i am the same way. i never work in order. maybe that is why the list never gets completely finished. xoxo.

  5. Am also an admitted list-maker. And am proud to say so, as well. Nothing keeps my mind more free of clutter, nor gives me more peace of mind, than to know that I have all my goals for the week in one place - my iPhone. Since it goes everywhere with me I never have to worry about forgetting something. And before the phone it was a carefully choosen book small enough to fit in my purse pocket. However, I don't cross out, just delete. Same goes for my grocery list, supply list, etc. And yes, it IS fun! = )


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