this is glamorous.

michelle williams has always been point on when it comes
to exuding femininity. sweetness. and class.
for years i have drooled over her ultra-girlie red carpet gowns & her effortless street style.
but most of all, i have coveted her gorgeous shaggy pixie cut.

i mean, really?
does it get any cuter than that?!
every bone in my bod wishes i were brave enough.
but i am most certain you need a flawless face like hers to pull it off.
maybe one day...

i have been waiting. and waiting. and waiting for michelle's movie
my week with marilyn
to become available on demand. and it finally is.
i can hardly wait to watch her transform so perfectly into the iconic muse,
the one and only, marilyn monroe.

annie leibovitz captured michelle's inner-marilyn with these photos.
i happen to think they are stunningly beautiful.

have you seen this glamorous film?
i am watching it tonight!


  1. Kristen,
    I did see it and I loved it.
    I was rather shocked at her life ending so short.
    My Mother tells me she was "something else!"
    I adore Michelle's cut. Thinking of that for summer~

  2. patricia. you would look stunning with that cut. your great cheekbones would make it!

  3. she´s incredibly cute and she pulls that pixie so well!
    if you like that hair cut you should totally try it! :)

    loved these pics! haven´t seen the movie yet... but i´m looking forward to watching it soon.
    have a nice week!

    XO Jannine

  4. Kris, I think you secretly want to rock this cut. Talked my roomie into something similar not that long ago. Loving my long locks these days but miss the sas. Need a little edge to my long locks. Let me know if you have any thought.



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