coloring outside the lines.

colorblocking is one of the biggest trends right now.
and i do love throwing together deeply contrasting colors to create that geometric look...
but i am really, really loving the idea of a more subtle color blocking, 
or even more so... a bold, monochromatic look.

anyone can pair orange pants & a yellow top together with ease.
it is safe. it is effortless. and it works.
but it takes a little more edge & confidence to pull off a monochromatic look.
one might be afraid they will look like a tall column of color, but it just isn't so.
dressing head to toe with the same color, varying hues, is really quite chic.

check out some of my fave monochromatic street styles.

go green.
i am loving this green get-up.
the variation in texture & design is what truly makes it work.
the subtle hint of yellow in the pants totally dissipates
 the fear of looking like a walking string bean.
love. monochromatic. green.

c'est si bon.
this is the epitome of chic.
i am just dying over the varying hues of nude & cream.
oh, and how about that exaggerated peplum blouse?
love. love. love.

minty fresh.
again, i am loving this all green look.
these skinny minnie pants pair effortlessly with the chunky knit sweater.
texture variation is the deal maker in this little number.

a blushing beauty.
this palette is ultra-feminine & sweet.
she makes is work by pairing an oversized boyfriend sweater with the flirty skirt.
this combo makes sure the outfit has edge, not too prim & proper.

this just screams happiness.
i adore the coral sweater & pants.
the bright yellow collar & cuffs are the perfect little accents.
this fashionista even included her purse in the monochromatic scheme.
i love it.

pink party.
this is a bold & daring look.
shocking pink is so in trend right now,
and i totally endorse dressing head to toe in this popping hue.
accessories included. 

i just love this look of single coloring your outfit.
but i think it would look so great with slight variations of hues, too.
say a minty green skinny pant. kelly green blouse. & emerald green accessories.
shocking orange cuffed shorts. a tangerine tank. & a coral orange scarf.
that would be a great way to rock monochromatic, but have fun with some variation.

would you wear this coloring-outside-the-lines-look?
and if so, what would be your ideal color palette? 

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  1. Hi!
    i just discovered your blog... i like it! :)
    out of these looks i fell for the minty fresh one! and of course the pastel chunky sweater and flirty skirt too!
    great selection...
    XO Jannine

  2. Yes, wore it proud yesterday myself. love.


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