tick tock.

i have always coveted the
classic hermes wrap around watch.
the h face. the iconic orange. love it all.

this beauty of a wrap-around will forever be on the short list of things i want need,
but truthfully, i probably will never really indulge myself with it.
as it is an overflowing pocketful of pretty pennies.
however, that being said, it surely is an investment piece.
and my lovie is all about good investments.

but in the meantime,
i can drool over all the other wrap-arounds that are sprinkling the stores these days.
i have been seeing all styles. all color. and all sizes. of wrap-around watches.
and i could not be any happier.

being a girl who loves to rock an armful, or two,
of bangles. baubles. bracelets. and the like.
a wrap-around watch is the perfect acoutrement to my accessories.

camel. black. neon. animal print.
skinny. chunky. embellished.
the choices are endless.

which wrap-around wonder watch do you like best of all?

{images courtesy of pinterest}


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