a culinary passport.

my lovie & i are always looking for ways to make each weekend exciting.
and since we both love to eat. a lot. 
we figured what better way to create new fun than by 
taking mini-trips simply just to, well, eat. 
we are taking the next two months to go on a tour of eateries.
we want more stamps in our culinary passport.

we have created a little adventure of an idea that will take us
on tiny road trips to all of the great restaurants around us. 
every weekend for the next two months we are going to try new eateries.
sarasota. tampa. clearwater. maybe even as far as orlando.

so, here is where we need your help. 
please tell me, what are your top three all-time fave restaurants?
they can be little hole-in-the-walls. they can be five star rated.
it can be for breakfast. lunch. or dinner. 
italian. french. american. thai. any type you fancy.
we just want to hear from you.

where should we go to fill up our culinary passport?


  1. The steak house in the Gaylord Palms. Cannot remember it's name. But you could stay overnight in the hotel (a very cool hotel, indeed!) and enjoy more than one resturant. Their "Key West" inspired restaurant is also great. Their curried PEI mussles are fab!

  2. It's the Old Hickory Steakhouse, and Jen is right, it's very, very good! I can't get Dallas restaurants out of my mind, I have to think on this! But I would love for you to come to Dallas and help me fill up MY culinary passport!!

  3. Check out Bijou Cafe in Sarasota. Delish!


  4. oh, thank you! i have been hoping for recommendations in the sarasota area! we will be sure to try it. xoxo

  5. Selva, Mozaic, Maximo's, and Pacific Rim (for sushi) are also our Sarasota favorites!

  6. Top 3 restaurants~this is hard~
    Breakfast-We love to go to a little place called Clubhouse. It is in the Bardmoor Shopping Center on the corner of Bryan Dairy and Starkey Road. If you are looking at the Publix it is on the left, between Publix and the Dollar Tree. When we eat out, we eat at the Clubhouse 75% of the time.

    Lunch~We love to travel to Sarasota and eat at Yoder's Amish Restaurant. They have a fruit stand, meat market and gift shop there too, so take a cooler with you! Adam Richman from Man vs Food has visited there too. You won't be disappointed and save room for dessert!!!!

    Dinner~We enjoy eating in Clearwater at Island Way Grill. Amazing!! They also have an incredible Sunday Brunch. We have been trying to eat at E and E Steakout near Bellair Beach, but they have been booked when we could go.

    On Saturday we ate at Munch's in South St. Pete. It was on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives on the Food Network back in September. It was great and busy. They are only open until 3pm every day though.

  7. I <3 food too :)

    Agree with Amy - Yoder's in Sarasota is the BEST. Go for the peanut butter pie. Yum.

    E&E's in Belleair Bluffs is also delicious. Almond crusted chicken and white chocolate mousse...

    Yanni's off Highland/Lakeview in Clearwater has fabulous French toast...

    And I'm sure you've enjoyed Columbia's 1905 salad, right? The Sand Key one is where we always go.

    Enjoy! What a great adventure!!! xo


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