pve giveaway winner.

i am beyond thrilled to announce that the pve designs giveaway winner is...
the adorable ashley cortese of smitten design.

ashley is one of the most darling girls ever.
with a great eye for design & a killer sense of style,
this girl has got it going on.

not to mention,
she happens to be the cutest preggo i have ever laid eyes on.
she is expecting baby boy number one in just a few weeks.

how stinkin cute is this?!

ashley says she would love for patricia of pve designs
to illustrate her dog, buster.
what a cute little addition it will be for her baby boy nursery.

happy, happy day to you, sweet ashley. 

and for all you other friends, make sure you jump on over to her blog.
smitten design will surely become your new daily read. 


  1. Congratulations Ashley. I am sure you will enjoy working with Patricia for an illustration of your dog Buster. When I was growing up, we had an adorable dog by the name of Buster. So much fun!

  2. I look forward to creating a special keepsake for Ashley of buster!
    How exciting that she about to have a baby!


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