i love to be pampered. 
in any and every form of the word.
i like to give credit to my mother for raising my this way.
i love to indulge in manicures. pedicures. and leisurely days by the pool.
facials. massages. sauna visits. blow outs. 
i welcome them any day of the week.

but if i had to choose one way to be pampered,
i would say that having my make-up done just may be top on my list.
maybe that is because i rarely get the pleasure of doing so.
but it is also because those artists know how to work with a blank canvas.

i'll tell you what. 
i could be having the worst beauty day. 
puffy eyes. breakouts. dark circles. dry skin.
and they still can manage to make a girl look like a beauty.
the tricks they have up their sleeves are remarkable.

as you know, i got married in november.
and i just loved spending the morning in the make-up chair.
it was indulgent. pampering.
it was so glamorous.  
the ultimate treat for the special day.

look at all of those colors to choose from.
i would love to have that selection to play with every morning.

blank canvas.
shirls knows some serious tricks to creating flawless skin.

having your make-up done is even more pampering
when you have a doting bestie to hold your hand.

imagine having that eye make-up everyday.
i am a big eye make-up girl, so i would love this.

oh, yes! please do powder my nose!

i am a true believer that the world is a lovelier place
due to the invention of jet black volumizing mascara.
i. never. leave. home. without. it. 

if i could have shirley from chanel come to my house every morning
to help me put on my face of make-up,
i would be over the moon.
so, shirls? 
whattya think?

how do you pamper yourself?


  1. Replies
    1. thank you, sweet mrs. smith. have you written your guest post yet?! xoxo

  2. How pretty are you! Those EYES ... oh if only I could recreate.

    I, too, love a good pampering. My favorite way to spend a Saturday is to go spend hours at a spa. Lounging around, eating dried apricots and walnuts and apples and sipping mint tea. Having a massage or facial, visiting the sauna and steamroom. Reading their pretty magazines. Bliss.

    PS - An upcoming guest post by Steel Magnolia, yippeeeeee!

  3. I'm at the very beginning of wedding planning, but I am already so excited to have my makeup done for it! You were such a gorgeous bride, and that eye makeup really is perfection. ;)

  4. that make up looks perfect and flawless. i´m sure you felt like a princess!
    i´m also thankful for the existance of make up (not only mascara lol). it definitely makes you look and feel better.
    beautiful pics! yay for getting pampered. i LOVE getting a pedicure... it just makes me feel so good!

    XO jannine

  5. Yes, taking care of one's skin and putting the best face forward...


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