pve design giveaway.

i happen to have a very strong penchant for hand drawn illustrations.
i love the idea that one can sit down and create an artful piece all by the works of their hand.
such creativity that overflows from the mind to the pencil to the paper.
yet such control to master the precise proportions to create reality.
i am always in awe of this type of art.

i have recently fallen in love with the lovely patricia, of pve design.
not only is she full of grace & kindness,
she has an outrageous abundance of talent.
she is quite swell.

having lived in new york city,
patricia has been a designer & design director for
ralph lauren. calvin klein. and liz claiborne.
it is an understatement to say that this lady runs with the best of the best.

patricia lives to design, inspire, and create an artful life.
capturing moments that evoke emotions forever.
whether it is remembering a great moment surrounded by all of your loved ones,
honoring a loving & devoted pet, or spotlighting a special vacation,
patricia knows how to perfectly hold captive those moments. 

take a peak at some of her custom illustrations.

i love how patricia has completely and utterly captured the buzz of this party.

and she has so perfectly drawn this beautiful home.

a darling little storefront.

and this stately home is just pure elegance.

 and finally, a perfect way to give praise to a pooch.

do you not just love her works?!

well, great news, friends.
this sweet & oh so generous artist 
has offered to totally spoil one c'est si bon reader with a 
custom hand drawn illustration.

working as a team, the two of you will create the perfect piece of art.
a home. a pet. or anything you would like to capture.
the possibilities are endless with patricia's great, creative mind.

to enter in this giveaway,
"like" the c'est si bon facebook page.
leave a comment on the facebook page sharing what you would
have patricia illustrate for you. 
the winner will be announced on tuesday, march 20.
{if i don't change my mind by then & keep it for myself. just kidding}

thank you, sweet patricia.
i am so grateful to know you.



  1. C. Casadonte-ApostolouMarch 14, 2012 at 11:10 PM

    I love these sketches! Good find, Kristen!

  2. You find the most amazing things!!

  3. Kristen,
    Thanks so much for your kind post and enthusiasm over my artwork.
    I always say, I have the best blog readers, the best clients and feel so lucky to have so many wonderful admirers.

    1. i feel so honored to have had the opportunity to feature you. i just think you hung the moon. xoxo

  4. I've always been a fan of PVE Designs. I'd either have her sketch our home, our our dog. Buster (for the nursery).

  5. I may be having a blonde moment, but i can't find your blog's Facebook page! Help?

  6. i have blonde moments all the time... and I am not even a blonde :)
    if you friend my on facebook "kristen brett mills" there is a link to the c'est si bon page. xoxo

  7. Good to see my friend's lovely works here!

    1. I just lover her. She is so talented. xoxo.

  8. fingers typing as fast as I can...so I can head over to FB. Patricia is a gem!

    1. Hi! If you friend me, Kristen Brett Mills, scroll down my fb wall and you will see a link to the C'est si Bon Facebook page :)

  9. Patricia's illustrated work is beautiful. It's modern, full of life and always cheerful.

  10. Replies
    1. Hi! If you friend me, Kristen Brett Mills, on Facebook. Then scroll down my fb wall, there is a link to the C'est si Bon Facebook page! Xo

  11. Patricia's illustrations are amazing. I featured one of her notecards yesterday! I'm off to FB!

  12. PVE does amazing illustrations.....I have some of her notecards and love them! Always what to own more...who wouldn't

  13. Kristen, Can't find your facebook page? Do you have a link?


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